Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have the world at their feet, but one look at their home and you'd know how minimalist the two are. One of the most followed couples in the world, Kim and Kanye had described their home as a "minimal monastery" and we certainly know why. Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt reportedly worked on their home to turn into an all-white, pristine space.

Kardashian home
Kardashian homeInstagram

The residence which spans across over 3.5 acres has its own vineyard, swimming pool, private theatre, mammoth-sized closets, and everything else you can possibly imagine. Even when it comes to their furniture, the couple has chosen neutral palettes and nude shades. The all-white appearance gives the house a space-like feel too. And every room makes a statement in itself.

The dome-shaped all-white corridor is what features in most of the Kardashian photoshoots and is easily the most striking part of the mansion. The aesthetically soothing interiors give a sense of calm and tranquillity. The couple also has enormous closets and when one is the most followed celeb on social media; appearances do matter.

Pool and garden
Pool and gardenTwitter
Bathroom before and after
Bathroom before and afterTwitter

Kim and Kanye shocked the world by announcing their decision to part ways. There have been reports saying that the couple wants the proceedings to go smoothly so that it doesn't impact the children.

"Kim and Kanye have made a pact to support each other. They realize the importance of their union and get that together they are where they are financially because of their union and neither of them are willing to give that up," The News International quoted a source saying.