Director Ram Gopal Varma's (RGV) Telugu movie "Killing Veerappan", starring Shivaraj Kumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Yagna Shetty, Sanchari Vijay and Parul Yadav, has got positive reviews from the Telugu audience.

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Written by Ram Gopal Varma, "Killing Veerappan"' is a docudrama thriller that revolves around Operation Cocoon to nab forest brigand Veerappan. The movie is about police officer Vijay Kumar's (Shivaraj Kumar) mission to kill Veerappan.

Ram Gopal Varma has come up with a brilliant script for "Killing Veerappan" after his research for 10 years on the case of Veerappan. As speculated earlier, the movie is not a biopic of either Veerappan or the police officer who masterminded Operation Cocoon. In fact, it is a cops' perspective on the trouble they went through in capturing Veerappan.

The audience say the movie has engrossing script and good characterisation. Lead actors like Shivaraj Kumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Yagna Shetty and Parul Yadav have delivered fantastic performance. The movie has rich production elements and Ravi Shankar's music and Rammy's cinematography are the big attractions in the technical front.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Killing Veerappan" movie review by Telugu audience:

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

#KillingVeerappan gud1st half with arresting photography n BGM@RGVzoomin his direction prowess will b clearly shown in pre interval scene 1 scene where hero n veerappan comes face 2 face is D scene 2 watch out 2nd half lo #KillingVeerappan total theatr went berserk @RGVzoomin When was d ast time u saw ppl shouting for RGV movie 2nd half is a notch higher than D 1st halfscreenplay,BGM #KillingVeerappan #Super #KillingVeerappan BGM is gonna haunt you n terrific camerawork @RGVzoomin screenplay in the 2nd half is outstanding definite watch

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

The Master Craftsman in Film Making is back with a bang #KillingVeerappan, Must watch!! RGV at his best BGM & Camera work Fantastic Performance of Shiva Rajkumar Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan is Terrific @RGVzoomin, Take a bow #KillingVeerappan

Virat Kohli ‏@Raghava4mahesh

Excellent 1st half camera work & BGM music outstanding #KillingVeerappan #KillingVeerappan movie my rating 3.25/5 @RGVZoomin screen play perfect execution dialogues good shivaana character peaks no words ultimate After Raktha chaitra one more gripping film from varma #KillingVeerappan shivvana performance good dialogues made worth watchable

TARUN ADITYA ‏@Tarun0231

#KillingVeerappan is a Masterpiece from master himself @RGVzoomin ..! BGM still haunts like anything. #ShivRajKumar and #SandeepBharadwaj Performances are top notch. @RGVzoomin ,Sarkar wer do u get d exact face cuts like kasab and veerappan.?

Sridhar Reddy ‏@Sriedhar

The best cinematic moment of the film is when Parul Yadav looks at Veerappan for the first time. Brilliantly done. #KillingVeerappan When Veerappan is being executed, Shivanna watches it with his superior officer drinking tea. Master level filmmaking. I never dared to watch films of Shiv Raj Kumar, but this one he killed it anthe!! #KillingVeerappan

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

Liked #KillingVeerappan. After a long time, RGV has made an interesting and gripping movie.


#KillingVeerappan ..@RGVzoomin strikes hard.. Liked it ..2nd half was damm good..Shivrajkumar was treat to watch...Definitely worth to watch Veerappan role was performed extrordinarily..Cinematography and BGM(Except one)were too good. @RGVzoomin made me to like Veerappan

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

#KillingVeerappan 1st half done, good as of now. @RGVzoomin screenplay superb.

Nagaraju ‏@RajNag46

@RGVzoomin watching #KillingVeerappan first half was awesome ... Waiting for second half

Mubashir ‏@mubashir_001

#KillingVeerappan the best from @RGVzoomin in recent times. A good one time watch mainly the bgm takes the film to another level

Sagar ‏@cooky1101

@RGVzoomin Superb movie,#KillingVeerappan again #RGV has proved that his success are not by luck but by his passion towards the movie.

Kaali Sudheer ‏@kaalisudheers

The master is back @RGVzoomin .. superb movie .. go watch it. #KillingVeerappan

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Break time..Weird camera angles..Stellar performances so far. I feel 151 mins runtime is too long for this kind of films #KillingVeerappan superb second half...The best film of @RGVzoomin in recent times... #KillingVeerappan

Sharath Pai ‏@sharathpai5

#KillingVeerappan is a very slow movie with less intense than expected..not one of classic @RGVzoomin movie's..Would've been better

Sachin Narasagoudar ‏@SNarasagoudar

What an outstanding flick, fantabulous movie, Killing direction with Killing cup in hand, Superrr #KillingVeerappan

Anurag upadhyay ‏@deealer

@RGVzoomin hats off 2 u sir.watched #KillingVeerappan teaser.Simply to hit hai.didn't know 734 cr were spent 2 hunt him down.

MetaToday ‏@meta_today

#KillingVeerappan @RGVzoomin is back!! Cinematography, direction superb. but parul yadav role is not upto the mark

Walter White ‏@DathuRulz

Terrific 1st half.. Screenplay peaks #KillingVeerappan

Fukkard ‏@Fukkard

This is the truth , as i know it - Rgv #KillingVeerappan takesoff with rgv mark #KillingVeerappan Unbelievable Brilliance of Rgv comes out in Biopics - Stunning So they caught lion in cage and fired surrounding it.

Rishi Mudiraj ‏@Rishiprince05

Superb 1st Half & Totally Interesting RGV Camera tho anni Angles Cover chesadu ! Looking Forward To Second Half :) #KillingVeerappan

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikanti

The Year 2016 has so much of guts that it gave even @RGVzoomin a Hit.#KillingVeerappan is a movie to watch for this weekend.Hittu cinema

NelloreReviews ‏@nellore_reviews

#killingveerappan is good and intresting. RGV is back after rakthacharitra.

Abhi ‏@Superstar_fan1

Screenplay first half #KillingVeerappan

Ravikiran ‏@RK8MYWORLD

@RGVzoomin What A Movie #KillingVeerappan @purijagan Top BGM @sirasri Amazing Framing @sathishrgv 2.30hrs Non-Stop Incredible Chasing. @Tarun0231 @RGVzoomin What A Amazing Crafting #KillingVeerappan Camera Mesmerising, RGV screen play Is like New Revolution @purijagan

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikanti

The Year 2016 has so much of guts that it gave even @RGVzoomin a Hit.#KillingVeerappan is a movie to watch for this weekend.Hittu cinema

Vineeth Reddy ‏@VineethMaru 2h2 hours ago

One of the finest works of @RGVzoomin till date...screen play at his best...RGV back with a bang. #KillingVeerappan

Srinivas Sampath ‏@sam_atlas009 7m7 minutes ago

Watching killing veerappan. OMG RGV is back . Awesome and now waiting for second half to commence.#killingveerappan.#RGV.

Varsa VinodKumar ‏@RGVinod786 10m10 minutes ago

#killingveerappan ...killing BGM..each frame an Orgasm...throughout movie adrenalin pumping..

Gopi..... ‏@GopiDcool 1h1 hour ago

#KillingVeerappan - HIT Bomma Haunting BGM, Camera Work, Gripping Screenplay.

Sri ‏@SriViews 2h2 hours ago

#KillingVeerappan - a terrific tale narrated with a superb command by @RGVzoomin & great response in the theatres too! Happy for the master