Director Surender Reddy's Telugu movie "Kick 2" featuring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet Singh in the leads, has garnered positive reviews from the audience across the globe.

"Kick 2" is an action comedy-thriller film, which is a sequel to super-hit movie "Kick". The movie has interesting story and Vakkantham Vamsi has written the script for the film, which has been produced by actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram under the banner NTR Arts.

The viewers, who have watched "Kick 2", say that the movie has good story with superb performance and rich production values. The film is a better than its prequel. The movie is a grand treat for Ravi Teja fans. Here is the live update of "Kick 2" movie review by audience.

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#Massmaharaaj #RaviTeja Energy Levels Ultimate #Kick2 So far Good INTERVAL !! #Kick2 Decent 1st half !! #MassMaharaaj #RaviTeja Energetic Screen Presence, @Rakulpreet, Songs & Few comedy sequences

AYYAPPA REDDY ‏@lucky59000

#Kick2 1st half completed good entertainment #Raviteja @Rakulpreet superb fun @Rakulpreet as #Chaitra kirrak superb bubbly acting one more hit in #Rakulpreet account... #Kick2 1st half ok 2nd half nt cmfrt ento Suri em chesado asalu sambandham leni sngs irritation 2nd half except temple fight my rating 2.3/5

iQlik Movies ‏@iqlikmovies

Done with #Kick2 1st half. Its #Comfort vs #Monopoly now. #Raviteja #Brahmanandam comedy, #Ravikishan @Rakulpreet performances are d assets! Some key sentimental sequences, #Raviteja action & @Rakulpreet lift up #Kick2 2nd half. #Comfort vs #Monopoly yet to begin!

KOTI ‏@koti_deva

Except comedy , movie is going very hyper .. 1st half over . Comedy works out big time. other scenes look over board. Passable First Half #Kick2 Missing @Ileana_Official big time. Rakul Preet neither hot nor cute both in looks and acting. Endho le . Second Half - Red Hot Oil Rod #Kick2

Haricharan Pudipeddi ‏@pudiharicharan

Such an entertaining first half of #Kick2. Seriously didn't expect it to be so good. Very good so far #Kick2 despite the superb first half, it was a struggle to sit through post interval. Long drawn second half is a bummer.

Krishnudu ‏@iamkrishnudu

Just watched #Kick2. A mass entertainer. @actorRaviteja at his usual best and @Rakulpreet looks fabulous. All the best to #Kick2 team.

Ramesh ‏@rameshlaus

#Kick2 - 1st Half: #RaviTeja 's "Anything for comfort" stylish acting, @Rakulpreet 's pleasing personality and #Brahma make it interesting #Kick2 [3/5]: 1st half starts on the right note with good comedy, action and nice songs.. 2nd half starts on draggy note and picks up later #Kick2 [3/5]: #RaviTeja with his unique style excels in comedy and action.. @Rakulpreet looks beautiful and turns a fine performance.. #Kick2 [3/5]: Brahmanandam comedy works in 1st half.. U can watch it if u r "comfortable" with Masala Entertainers..

Proud Purian ‏@ProudPurian

#Kick2 pretty much Un'comfort'able actually! :( Along with @MusicThaman's Rocking massy tune,DI,Sound Mix, Editing,Lighting,Choreography etc all fell in well for @Norafatehi's song!#Kick2 Director @purijagan Sir always gives the Best to the TFI in terms of new Talents & @Norafatehi's Song in #Kick2 proves it louder & Clear!

Gupta ‏@guptanagu8

Interval no logic only entertainment #MassMaharaaj #Kick2 2nd half starting oka 20 mins drag ayyindi kaani climax 30 mins Suri taking & #MassMaharaaj acting overall watchable mve #Kick2 #Kick mve nunchi entertainment ki Hero elevation scens add chesi teeyadam lo #SurenderReddy oka strong script padite pekaata aadestadu

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#Kick2 - Promising beginning. Terrible ending. And a lot of un"comfort"able, content in between.

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

Kick2 - massss masala entertainment for Ravi Teja fans .. Should do solidly in B and C centers

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

#Kick2 first half unable to judge Movie goes like this 5mins good 10mins shit @Rakulpreet RaviTeja bhrami , police episode are hilarious

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

Entertaining 1st half, RaviTeja-Bramhi scenes hilarious. editing pai concentration chesunte inka baavundedhi. overall good 1st half. #Kick2 @MusicThaman BGM at temple fight, kumming. Best work bro. #Kick2

Mass Ka Baap Ntr ‏@ArunRjaffa777

#Kick2 First Half Entertaining Second Half Arachakam Action & Comedy Beebastham Block Buster Kicku Congrats to Whole Team @Rakulpreet

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

Sodi and comedy mixed ga potundi #Kick2 Prodution values matram .. Kalyanramgaru #Kick2 Songs, rakul, raviteja energy, some comedyscenes, cinematography, bgm #Kick2 first half Mana madya terms balenapudu kasta chuskoni tiyali.. Intention lekpoina connect ayyevalu connect avtaru #Kick2 first fight

Penchant 4 Movies ‏@creativecane

#Kick2 Cinematography, music, direction & productions values word ..Superb...all the best @NANDAMURIKALYAN

Harsha Bandaru ‏@MeHarshaBandaru

Entertaining 1st half, RaviTeja-Bramhi scenes hilarious. editing pai concentration chesunte inka baavundedhi. overall good 1st half. #Kick2

Ramprasad ‏@voletiram

First half good and sec half spoiled.kick is missing in movie.overall review-2.25 #Kick2 1st half konni scenes bagunay and no interval bang like other movies.ravi teja chala sannanga daidram ga unnadu.sec half spoiled.avg #Kick2 Kick 2 movie one time watchable but not entertaining as cinema chupista mama. So avg Kick 2 cinema length taggiste better.feel bored in some scenes #Kick2

Raghava ‏@Raghava4mahesh

1st fight Ravi Teja energy levels Archakamm #Kick2 #Kick2 1st half Excellent Ravi Teja un matchable energy + Surrender Reddy Taking Superb thaman BGM Too good Villasapuram scenes good Villain introduction scene Suri Mark padindi #Kick2 Pre interval Rakul preet acting good #Kick2 EE sari Surrender Reddy comedy Kanna Story meedha pettadu andhuke comedy kanna story template bagaaa nachindi #Kick2 Raghava ‏@Raghava4mahesh 33s33 seconds ago Temple fight good thaman BGM at his best #Kick2

Deepak ‏@Deepuzoomout

Raviteja energy ni best ga use chesindi #Kick aithe, Worst ga use chesindi #Kick2, script miserable failure. Thaman & DOP scores bigtime Surender reddy & vakkantham vamsi created a spirit in #Kick, they themselves killed that spirit in #Kick2. Uff

Cheruku Raja ‏@cherukuraja

#kick2 1st half looks decent @Rakulpreet looked cute @MusicThaman background score is gud #raviteja is fine n waiting to comfort in 2nd half


#Kick2 .. 1st half Akadakada comfort ga undi..ok ok ga parledanipinchindi..Waiting for 2nd half #Kick2 .. Comfort kante discomfort ekkuvaindi .. Few scenes and Thaman are saving grace for the film..Average ga settle aipoddi

TEAM PAWANKALYAN ‏@pavanchowdary44

One word raviteja Aripinchadu #KicK2 finally comedy ,fights,story ,raviteja acting sure shot blockbuster #Kick2 #KicK2

HBD M-E-G-A-S-T-A-R ‏@PSVSKonline

#Massmaharaja Fans ki full comfort #Kick2 1st half lo comfort miss ienda 2nd half lo double comfort echina #Surender Reddy sir #Kick2

Ballaladeva ‏@Rajesh_venky

#kick2 kidney comedy bagundi. Comfort song kuda super #kick2 interval.. Chala comfort ga vundi.. 1st half

Satya ‏@SatyaLoquacious

Strictly average 1st half. #Kick2 2nd half is progressing too good #Kick2

H12 ‏@Harrish12

#kick2 first half entertaining... #Kick2 passable film with good songs & decent comedy overall abv.avg -hit.

Jagadeesh ‏@hijags 45m45 minutes ago

#Kick2 has Brahmi's hilarious comedy after many movies

Vihari ‏@Vihu818

Strictly ok first half First Half chusi comfort ga Baytaki ocheyochu

Laddu... ‏@Sarada_Bullodu

#Kick2 he is back chala rojulu tarvatha twist packed with energy, massmaharaj terrified

ROD ‏@crazy_N28

Super 1st half #Kick2

VamsiKaka ‏@vamsikaka

Entertaining First Half #Kick2 SS Thaman BGM & Songs #Kick2 Ravi Teja's energy is unmatchable. Cinematography and Music are . Hattrick for Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja #Kick2

Naren Reddy ‏@NarensTweetz

RT-Brahmi comedy track tappithe strictly average sodhi first half #Kick2 Good Second half... Hittu Cinema .. Suri rocks #Kick2

Vishu Siram ‏@vishucelluloid

Benefit at #bramaramba Anna rocks!! #Kick2 Dialogues are huge plus. Delivery gurinchi cheppala separate ga? #kick2 #raviteja rocks

Tarak ‏@Mahee_pfdb

#Kick2 first half 3.5/5 second half 2/5 #Kick2 A very good Average movie for RaviTeja

Vineetchintamaneni ‏@vineetchowdary

jr ntr accident message tho cinema start#kick 2 first half #kick2