Yash impressed with Kiss.PR Handout

Yash has spoken about 'Kiss.' Make no mistake; the Rocking Star here has not opened up on 'lip-lock', rather about AP Arjun's recently-released Kannada movie Kiss. In fact, the KGF star has given a thumbs-up for the movie.

"It is a tender love story. What makes me happy about the movie is that it has newcomers in the leads. Both the young actors have performed well....It looks like they have the experience of working in 10 movies. Arjun has done a good job,"

The 33-year old wonders why the movie is named Kiss which might put off a section of family audience. "Looking at the title, one gets an impression of the film is for college students, which is not true. People can watch the film with their family members. I wonder why he opted for this title (laughs)," the Rocky Bhai adds.

Yash says that AP Arjun has well captured the women's personality and their feelings in different moods. He adds, "How they react when they had a fight with her boyfriend? How she would behave when she is upset? And their reactions when we ask them to leave us (break up). He has beautifully explored all those angles in the film,"

The actor has appreciated not just the acting of the lead actors, but the technical aspects of the film and praised songs, costumes and locations. He also requested people to encourage good movies and called the cine-goers along with his fans to watch Kiss in theatres. "You won't be disappointed. It has a everything that a good film has," the KGF actor ended.