The fans of Yash were heavily disappointed after the teaser of the actor's upcoming movie KGF: Chapter 2 failed to be unveiled on his birthday (8 January). Due to unavoidable circumstances, the makers were forced to push the release of the promotional video from the multilingual film.

KGF 2, Yash
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Is this The Teaser Release Date of KGF 2?
Since then, the fans of Yash have been curiously awaiting to hear from the makers about their plans on the teaser release. In the last couple of days, there were rumours of the clip being unveiled on 21 February.

The rumours were spreading like wildfire on social media sites. Now, Karthik Gowda, the executive producer of KGF: Chapter 2, has given a clarification over the issue. "False news. Any news will be let known by us." He responded to a fan's query on Twitter.

Nonetheless, the teaser is expected to be unveiled in February. In an interview, Yash has indicated that they have not locked in the teaser release date yet and they will be announcing the new date soon.

Yash on KGF 2 Teaser Release Delay
"We do not want to release it in a hurry. The teaser should meet the viewers' expectations and the team in unwilling to deliver a below-par teaser," the Rocking Star had said in an interview over the delay.

"We understand that people are disappointed over the delay, but I would like to tell them that we tried really hard to bring it before them on-time," Yash said. In order to make his fans happy, the KGF star Bhai, at his birthday celebration, mouthed the dialogue from the upcoming film.

KGF: Chapter 2 Dialogue
 Yash mouthed, "Yenande? Ondu hegge itkondu bandonu antha heldya. Correct. Gadiyardalli ondu gante agbeku andre, dodda mullu 60 heje edbeku, adre chikka mullu, ondu hegge etre saaku. Nanu heje etagide atada range change agide. ninna havu yenu aatake mungusi hidide. Inmele a territory nandu, e territory nindu antha bitbidi... World is my territory.

(rough translation: What did you say? Did I make my entry with just one step? Correct. In a clock, the large hand (minute hand) takes 60 steps and the small hand (hour hand) needs just one step to complete an hour. I have kept my foot and the standard of the game has changed. Mongoose has taken over your snake and ladder game. From now, there is no boundary. The world is my territory."

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