The day millions of fans is here as KGF 2 has been released on Thursday, April 14. Prashanth Neel-directed film has seen the light of the day with midnight shows.

KGF 2 Review
Yash's KGF 2 review.PR Handout

The first part had turned out to be an unexpected blockbuster in Hindi and Telugu languages in 2018. Four years later, the second part, which has become bigger and better compared to the first instalment, is hitting the screens with massive expectations.

Bollywood actors Sanjay Dutt (as prime antagonist Adheera) and Raveena Tandon (as Ramika Sen) have joined the cast in the second part of KGF. Srinidhi Shetty, Prakash Raj, Eswari Rao, Achyuth Kumar and others are part of the cast.

KGF 2 Story:

The film tells the story of a gangster, who becomes the most powerful and richest person in the world. The story is peppered with mother sentiment with the son trying to fulfil his promise as he set on a mission to become the ruler, in the process facing plenty of enemies.

Rocking Star Yash's remuneration revealed.PR Handout

Whether he emerges victorious or loses the battle forms the crux of the story.

Review from Premiere:
From the early morning shows, KGF 2 has garnered fantastic response from the fans. They have claimed that the movie has a solid content backed with Yash's brilliant performance.

Rocky Bhai's entry scene, Adheera's introduction, Toofan song and interval block are the main highlights of the first half.

Rajasekar: #KGFChapter2 #KGF2 - Second half is . International making with Indian sensibilities.
is also all set to go International with #KGF3! Superb stuff from
, box office records to be rewritten
The police station sequence with Periyappa is an epic elevation
The film can be viewed just for the mass elevation episodes in the second half. First half was more dialogue driven, the magic unfolds in the second half - so many goosebumps moments overloaded. Climax, police station sequence, Parliament and the emotional reveal 3.5/5
first half - The intro sequence of
is lit More-dialogue oriented sequences compared to the first part with an interesting intermission twist. Waiting for the 2nd half !

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #KGF2 - 95/100. What more can you expect from this movie ? Worth every penny you spend , leaves you with a fullfilled heart !!
Records will be shattered !!
Rocky Bhai is
. Two movies - and Kannada cinema takes centre stage of India. The conviction with the writing , the hardwork with execution. You will stand as a shining example of what a director should be !!

Ramesh Bala: [4/5] : A Movie for the Masses!
An Action Entertainer with an Emotional Touch of Epic Proportions!
This is the kind of movie of Indian Cinema should be making!
Non-stop Entertainment!

Taran Adarsh: #OneWordReview...
Rating: ⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️½
#KGFChapter2 is a WINNER, more than lives up to the humongous hype... #PrashanthNeel immerses us into the world of #KGF2, delivers a KING-SIZED ENTERTAINER... MUST, MUST, MUST WATCH. #KGF2Review
#PrashanthNeel is a terrific storyteller. He smartly uses every tool at his disposal - remarkable background score, brilliantly executed action pieces and clap-trap moments - to transport you to the world of #KGF2... The stunning visuals only enhance his vision. #KGF2Review
#SanjayDutt is electrifying as hard-hearted #Adheera in #KGF2. His menacing getup is a big plus... #RaveenaTandon is top notch. Wonderful to see her talent being respected and utilised in a meaty role... #SrinidhiShetty gets enough screen time and scope to hold her own. #KGF2Review
#PrashanthNeel is a terrific storyteller. He smartly uses every tool at his disposal - remarkable background score, brilliantly executed action pieces and clap-trap moments - to transport you to the world of #KGF2... The stunning visuals only enhance his vision. #KGF2Review
#Yash has enough inferno to set the screen ablaze in #KGF2. He delivers both, punches and punch lines with gusto. His extraordinary act [as the invincible #Rocky] is the driving force of this franchise. #KGF2 is his big ticket to superstardom. #KGF2Review

Cineloka: Super Engaging and Thrilling Stuff. Rocky Bhai Entry, Adheera Entry, Toofan Song, Interval Block are Superb

Sandhu: The breathtaking, larger-than-life frames grandiose and opulent production design and stunning visual effects impart sheen and sparkle. The action portions provide ample exhilarating moments and I must add, it commands repeat viewing. KGF 2 is powered by strong performances from the skilled cast. Having said that, the eyes are on the protagonist and antagonist all the while. Yash is electrifying and Sanjay Dutt is Outstanding."

Venky Reviews: #KGF2 Very Good 1st Half!! The intro and interval sequences are pure goosebumps along with a solid setup of the story. BGM is on another level #KGFChapter2
2nd half starting sequence again pure goosebumps. Neel is out of this world in mass elevation scenes #KGFChapter2 #KGF2

Swayam Kumar: #KGF2 Review:

Sometimes, emotional scenes make a film boring and we have many examples recently.

But, the mother sentimental scenes in #KGFChapter2 are so much effective


You are in for a Treat

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Ayush Singh: #KGF2onApr14 #KGFChapter2 #KGF2 #KGF2 review
Just watched first half London
Mind bloglling
The jeep burning in parliament
Crazy ness of rocky
Raveena tandon
Madness at its peak
Content with action ❤️ goosebumps
#first half