The fans of Rocking Star Yash are disappointed over the delay in the release of his teaser from upcoming movie KGF: Chapter 2. It was scheduled to be released on Wednesday, 8 January, to coincide with the birthday celebration of the Rocking Star. To make up for the disappointment, he mouthed a dialogue from the forthcoming flick at his birthday celebration.

Here is a Dialogue from Yash's KGF 2
Yash mouths KGF 2 dialogue at his birthday celebration.IBTimes India

Yash's Birthday Celebration
Thousands of people had come from different parts of Karnataka to take part in the mega birthday celebration of Yash at 12.00 (midnight) on 8 January. He thanked them for the love that they are showering upon him. Understanding that they were disappointed over the delay in the teaser release, the Rocking Star lent an apology.

KGF 2 Dialogue
"Please forgive us. We will release the teaser of KGF 2 soon. We need to come up with a work which should satisfy you. The team didn't have time. So, I apologise," he said. "As you people are disappointed over the delay in the teaser release, I would compensate for it by mouthing a dialogue from the film," Yash added to a massive cheers from the crowd.

He mouthed, "Yenande? Ondu hegge itkondu bandonu antha heldya. Correct. Gadiyardalli ondu gante agbeku andre, dodda mullu 60 heje edbeku, adre chikka mullu, ondu hegge etre saaku. Nanu heje etagide atada range change agide. ninna havu yenu aatake mungusi hidide. Inmele a territory nandu, e territory nindu antha bitbidi... World is my territory.

(rough translation: What did you say? Did I make my entry with just one step? Correct. In a clock, the large hand (minute hand) takes 60 steps and the small hand (hour hand) needs just one step to complete an hour. I have kept my foot and the standard of the game has changed. Mongoose has taken over your snake and ladder game. From now, there is no boundary. The world is my territory."

Meanwhile, a new poster of Prashanth Neel-directorial KGF: Chapter 2 has been released. 

KGF 2 New Poster
Here is the poster from Yash's KGF: Chapter 2.PR Handout