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KEYS Metaverse by Keys Token will present to the world 8,888 unique virtual luxury properties called Meta Mansions on March 18, 2022. Individuals who would buy these mansions will receive a plot of land through an airdrop which will ultimately mint these luxury properties. KEYS Metaverse is one of the earliest Web3 projects to bridge the physical world full of limitations and the augmented world where imagination runs wild.

Noah Kent, Chief Product Officer of KEYS Token, which is the building block of KEYS Metaverse says,

"By democratizing access and scaling participation in the real estate industry, we envision unlocking creativity and economic opportunity that could not exist in our physical world because of the barriers to entry. It's the best aspects of real life, reimagined and reinvigorated without physical limitations. Live anywhere, be anyone, and build anything your mind can dream of. Mint a mansion, become a legend."

The KEYS Metaverse and the KEYS Token team will allocate the Meta Mansions to its most loyal supporters and award 800 ETH to one lucky winner. 11 individuals will win 8 ETH chosen randomly through a live stream. Those interested in getting whitelisted need to follow the guidelines curated by the KEYS team. White list begins minting on March 18th, 2022 @ 10 AM PST.

The KEYS Metaverse augmented reality-scape will have 8 unique biomes each having specific characteristics. Owners will be able to:

  •  Monetize their mansions and assets.
  •  Buy and sell assets related to Meta Mansions, avarats, furniture, vehicles, art, etc., in the core marketplace.
  •  Record their best moments using the social engine.

Owners of Meta Mansion will be able to customize the space using several unique items, conjure their imagination, and build their Xanadus in a completely immersive three-dimensional world. Imagine a Ready Player One-esque setting, the only difference being the augmented space of Meta Mansions would be set in a real-estate utopia.

Nima Ghassemi, CEO of KEYS Metaverse and Keys Token says,

"Virtual real estate is a booming market, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to set a new standard and change the perception of real-estate valuation in the metaverse."

To ensure the highest standard of graphical and AR/VR representations, KEYS Metaverse has looped in some of the leading design studios including Hello Monday and Genius Ventures. Both these companies have created successful virtual spaces for AAA DeFi games and Hollywood films.

Before Meta Mansions, KEYS Token doled out a collection of 118 KEYCard V1 NFTS which sold out in 32 seconds. The collection is currently being traded on OpenSea with a floor price of 18 Ethereum (as of Friday, March 11th, 2022). The highest sale to date has been for KEYCard #065, which was sold for 18.5 Ethereum, showcasing the belief and trust that the KEYS community has in its projects such as Meta Mansions. KEYS token fuels the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem. On March 10th, 2022 at 8pm PST, it would become available on Binance Smart Chain-based crypto DEX PacakeSwap in association with pTokens—a technology to connect any token with any blockchain.

Current KEYS token strategic partners include: Genius Ventures' CEO Navjeet Chhina, now Head of Metaverse Development for KEYS Token; Ramtin Ray Nosrati, founder of Huntington Estate Properties and renowned mega mansion developer of more than 100 luxury homes for the hyper-rich elite; Miami's Kobi Karp, advisor and designer for Meta Mansions, and architect for celebrities including Juwan Howard; Veliz Arquitectos, lead 3D designer for Meta Mansions; NBA All-Star Andre Drummond; The Nightfall Group, a bespoke global-travel concierge and luxury-rentals company providing exclusive benefits to KEYCard holders and Blockwiz, a global crypto marketing agency that provides integrated cryptocurrency marketing solutions to DeFi, Web 3 businesses far and wide.

About Keys Token

KEYS Token is a startup powering real-estate and luxury-asset transactions on the blockchain, poised to revolutionize the way assets are exchanged in both the metaverse and the physical world. Their comprehensive product roadmap combines multiple elements of technology, including web3 and augmented reality, to converge the physical and digital realms in what will be, without any doubt, the next evolution of real estate, the internet, and social networks.

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