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Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 11 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan has turned out to be one among the most-watched TV shows in terms of the TRP charts. The game show not only shares knowledge with its tricky questions but the real-life stories also keep the viewers glued to their seats.

On Friday, October 18, a contestant from Chattisgarh, named Jalim Sai, made his way to the hot seat and managed to correctly answer the first seven questions but got stuck in the eighth question. To get the right answer, Jalim opted for 'flip the question' lifeline and when the question was swapped with another one, he realised that he didn't know the answer this time as well. Hence, Jalim decided to take his last lifeline 'Ask the Expert'.

Unfortunately and to everyone's surprise, the expert too didn't have the correct answer and advised Jalim to quit the show as a wrong answer would make him lose a lot of money. The KBC 11 contestant took home total prize money of Rs 6,40,000.

The question that was asked to the contestant, the answer of which even the expert didn't know was "Which lyricist holds the Guinness World Record for penning the most number of film songs?" Options were: A. Gulzar B. Javed Akhtar C. Sameer D. Anjaan

The correct answer is C. Sameer.

Last month, Sonakshi Sinha, who appeared on KBC 11 to support entrepreneur Ruma Devi (invited as a Karamaveer contestant) in answering the questions, was trolled heavily for unable to answer a question related to Ramayana. 

She was trolled by Senior Bachchan for not knowing the answer despite the fact that the names of almost all her family members is related to Ramayana. While her uncles and father go by the names Ram, Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughan Sinha, the actress' brothers are named Luv and Kush. To add to this, the name of Sonakshi's house is 'Ramayana.'

On Twitter, netizens are heaving trolling the Dabangg actress so much so that #YoSonakshiSoDumb is trending on Twitter.

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