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IB Times, India Rating4

Prabhu Solomon has come out with yet another beautiful film "Kayal" this Christmas, literally. The movie that stars Chandran, Anandi and Vincent is worth a watch. It's highly engaging and has some good performances, besides technical excellence, to give viewers wholesome entertainment. 

The story of "Kayal" revolves around two vagabonds and close friends Aron (Chandran) and Socrates (Vincent). Both of them have grown up together in an orphanage and believe in the philosophy of "living life to the fullest and not to worry about the future". They lead a life where they work for six months and use their earnings to travel in the rest of the year. On one such journey, destiny takes them to a secluded village where they meet Kayal (Anandi).

Kayal is a servant at a zamindar's house and all her life revolves around the big house, serving the household. Her life changes when she meets Aron and falls in love with him. The rest of the movie takes you through some highly emotional scenes of how their life comes together on the ill-fated night of tsunami on 26 December 2004.

The script and dialogues of the movie are one of the major highlights of the movie. The first half is a complete entertainer with some great comedy, one-liners and funny instances. The dialogues and narration absorb you into the storyline. The narration of the movie is as smooth as a poem which leaves you with some memorable thoughts on life.

Another noticeable aspect of the movie is the performance by the actors. The director has made sure he got the right casting and each actor has done justice to the role that has been given to him. The lead actors of the movie need special mention for performances which are par excellence.

The background score and the songs of the movie are another highlight . The rightly placed song also becomes the part of the narrative with its immensely rich lyrics. D Imman and Yugabharathi have also given a good musical experience for their audience.

Coming to the technical aspects, cinematography by Vetrivel Mahendaran is one of the first things that you will notice. It looks like he had explored the maximum possibility of light in the best way possible. The cinematography and the colour tone of the visuals make sure that you remain glued to your seats so that you don't miss a single frame.

The editing and the graphics need special mention as they add to the total experience, especially the climax sequence of the tsunami. They ensure that the film is a complete cinematic experience for the audience.

With "Kayal", Prabhu Solomon has proved his directorial skills again. The immense effort taken by the director to give the audience the feel of the places in which the story is set is very evident and he has been successful in making the audience the part of the movie.

To conclude, "Kayal" is a visual treat, apart from showcasing many new talent to Tamil movie buffs.