Director Nikhil Advani's Bollywood movie "Katti Batti", featuring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles, has received mixed reviews from the audience across the globe.

"Katti Batti" is a romantic comedy thriller film, which has been written by Anshul Singhal. The movie--one of the big-ticket projects of 2015--has been produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have composed the music and background score of the movie, while Tushar Kapoor handled the cinematography for it.

The movie is about Madhav Kabra aka Maddy (Imran Khan) who is an architect. He is in love with Payal (Kangana Ranaut). They are in a live-in relationship for five years. How a sudden turn of events creates distance between the two forms the crux of the story.

Some viewers say that Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut's amazing chemistry and music are the highlights of "Katti Batti". They add that the film will impress those who are either in love or in a live-in relationship. Few other audiences feel that it is a boring watch and can be ignored.

After watching the movie, many viewers took to Twitter to share their verdict on it. We bring you some comments on the film. Here is "Katti Batti" movie review by audience:

Rahul | फिलमी टैलस | ‏@TahilaniRahul

#KattiBatti is not everyone's cup of tea. It will not relate with much audiences but those who are living a relationship. Its Imran Khan Show not talking about Kangana but as like his previous flicks Imran Khan Never Fails to Impress How Amazingly Creators Made Katti Batti Beautiful Locations , Brilliant Shots , Amazing Writing Skills. Music & Background Score is the soul of the movie & each and every song is attached correctly with sequences For Those Who are living in a relationship this flick is for you , Others? Give it a one time for Imran Khan. Remember that guy from hero? That Villain Ummm @VivanBhathena He is a surprise package! Decent with his looks & performances Special Mention for @nickadvani for crafting the movie brilliantly #Applause

Sakina Hussain ‏@suki786

1st half wasn't good at all but 2nd half was amazing! Bought tears to my eyes. Great acting and touching story line #KattiBatti #hindimovies

NageeN.. ‏@Nageenmarfani

Watched #KattiBatti those who have tasted true love can only feel the movie. Sweet Ending!

Yashwanth ‏@ya5hw4nthl

#KattiBatti is finally seen. Kangana & Imran were totally fantastic in their roles. An emotional, romantic one Nikhil Advani.

Gaggan Sabherwal ‏@GagganSabh07

Just watched #KattiBatti. Really nice movie but make sure u carry a box of tissues. Xxx

Bollywood_Times ‏@Bollywood_Times

#KattiBatti is a sweet luv story.U will cry at d end.Imran Kangana shares believable chemistry. Film will touch ur heart.Imran is bck.***

Saahil Krishnani ‏@saahilkrishnani

Just watched #KattiBatti and absolutely loved it. Super performance by Imran Khan and kangana as gorgeous as ever.

Her HeartHealer ‏@AniketTembulkar

Such a beautiful lovely touching movie. I cried like a baby for the last 10-15 minutes, such an emotional scene. A must watch. #KattiBatti is a mixture of 500 Days Of Summer and Sweet November. But still a decent movie & the last scene will take you in another world.

90's Bitch! ‏@Boskjos

#KattiBatti is kind of gud & bad both.Nice prsntn yet messed up romance!3stars!lil bit of fun bt mre of a serious.Go fr it bt dun expct mch!

Shristi Shetty ‏@shristi1706

#KattiBatti is an extremely slow movie if ur the love story film fan than you could take a #Watch personally I'd not regret the watch !!

Zara Ali ‏@4EverAfters

#KattiBatti is messed up pretty badly.I thought the trailer was ok but the movie goes off in a different direction only... It's not about relationships or love or the challenges love can overcome when faced with some life altering circumstances #KattiBatti Movie so bizarre that I actually wondered if Kangana was guest appearance&I was watching some psychopathic drama based on Imran Most of movie is filled with Imran& I didnt go to theatre to watch him! &seeing him beg & plead became completely boring after 15 minutes

Durga Prasad Kundu ‏@Durga_Pr_Kundu

Watched #KattiBatti ... A new term #FOSLA - Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association. Nice movie 2 watch. #KanganaRanaut #ImranKhan

Prasunb ‏@prasunb

#KattiBatti is Nikhil Advani reworking Kal Ho Na Ho without the character of Saif Ali Khan !!! And it doesnt work obviously !!! Nikhil Advani s films have good starcast, hype, look gorgeous, lovely music, some brilliant moments ... yet so meh average ! #KattiBatti

JheelKothari ‏@jheelkothariii

#KattiBatti, Tints of love & drama with a tad bit of Fault In our stars to allure the audience.

Jayanth Hiremath ‏@jayanthmath

Had been to #kattibatti... If u r imran khan fan only den u can catch.... If u r kangana fan avoid it.... #climax rolls you in tears n u cry

Shantanu Mahabal @shantanumahabal

The only best thing abt ‪#‎KattiBatti was the gold plated toilet commode worth 5lakhs with multi jet sprays, massage system, butt supporting cushion and still imraan khan missed a rocket launcher in it

Radhika Chaturvedi ‏@radhikamalaviya

#kattibatti movie sucks. There is no direction, no script, bad experimentation on songs, and such stretched climax. Not advisable

Prince singh ‏@dprincesingh

Yesterday watched #kattibatti the movie And i fall in love with @RickshaRani Actually i just love boy cut girls or short hair girl

Pawn in the box ‏@ParthkaSarthi

Striking similarity between Imran Khan and Rahul Gandhi. Both can make a cruising ship sink. #KattiBatti #Congress #UPA #KanganaRanaut

Ravi Buley ‏@writerravi

#kattibatti humour: Kangna is on death bed and Imran is reading #fiftyshadesofgrey for her... Too sensitive or too funny!!!

Medical Macaroni ‏@maitriporecha

Watch #KattiBatti only for Kangana Ranaut's stylish dressing/interiors of the protagonists' home set in #Mumbai @SaritaTanwar whatsay?

Sumita Chakrabarty ‏@Sumita61

What an incredibly boring and unnecessary movie #KattiBatti. @kangna_ranaut did you really have to do such an inane and lame movie?

Ruwan Colombo ‏@ruwanp

#KattiBatti what a crap film?come on its a college breakup, u dont need a whole film for that. get over it. too much even for a Bwood movie.

Kamlesh Mistry ‏@camleshm

#KattiBatti- a souless film injected w/bad casting & loud unwanted supporting actors especially the boss. I walked out @nickadvani