Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince turned DJ: Prince William is shown how to play on DJ decks at the youth community centre, The Northern Sound System in Elizabeth near Adelaide.Reuters

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently took a trip to New York. The royal couple was in the Big Apple for a three-day tour. They made some breath-taking appearances together.

On 9 Dec, Middleton arrived for the fundraiser at the Metropolitan museum, dressed in a teal gown, whereas Prince William looked dapper in a black suit. They also visited Door and The CityKids Foundation, where Middleton was seen in a pink overcoat. The couple paid a visit to the 9/11 memorial museum and Prince William also went to the top of famous Empire State Building to witness the city's skyline.

The fans of the royal couple were obviously excited to see them in the city.

However, Jan Moir, a British columnist thinks that their New York visit was insipid. She wrote in her opinion column that the New York leg of their tour was disappointing.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become a terrible, terrible disappointment to us all. I'm sorry, but they have," reports Daily Mail. She has also suggested in her post that when Middleton and Prince William got married four years ago, many hopes were riding on them. However, the couple has failed to live up to it.

"What we got are a couple of dreary suburbanites, a Mr and Mrs Bland who trundle around the world in mumsy dresses and dad-trousers, saying not very much at all. They look like a couple of dreary suburbanites in mumsy dresses and dad trousers at a golf club dinner after a weekend shop at Waitrose," said Moir.

She even went on to compare them to Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, saying that they are not even close to the "glamour" that Princess Diana "oozed".

The royal couple's rep is yet to comment on Moir's piece. The 58-year-old columnist writes opinion column in Daily Mail and has won several newspaper awards.

Meanwhile, Middleton is currently pregnant with her second child. The second royal baby is expected in March next year. She is already a mother to one-year-old Prince George. Her New York visit was her first official one abroad, post pregnancy.