Every year on February 5 Pakistan observes "Kashmir Solidary Day" as part of its vicious propaganda to "highlight" the Kashmir issue but this time rulers of the neighbouring country received a befitting reply from Kashmiri Youth.

On one hand, Kashmiri youth launched a campaign on social media to expose Pakistani's fake and false propaganda, on the other hand, a rally was organized in Kashmir's border district of Baramulla to counter Pakistani's solidarity march.


When some radical groups in Pakistan were taking out a march in connection with "Kashmir Solidarity Day", a massive rally to observe "National Unity Day" with the Indian Republic was taken out in Kashmir's Baramulla district.

Rally against Pakistan
Rally against Pakistan in Baramulla district of J&Ksocial media

Carrying national tricolours, this rally passed through different parts of the Baramulla district. Youth shouted patriotic slogans and lambasted Pakistan for pushing terrorists, arms, ammunition, and narcotics into Kashmir Valley. Amid the shouting of patriotic slogans, these youth blamed Pakistan for bloodshed and destruction in Jammu and Kashmir.

Countered Pakistan Prime Minister's tweet on "Kashmir Solidarity Day"

After Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif tweeted from his personal Twitter handle to "express unflinching solidarity and support to Kashmiri brothers and sisters", chairman of "Save Youth Save Future" Wahajat Farooq Bhat replied to Pakistan Prime Minister "Pakistan is on a verge of near economic collapse and is almost a failed state with all its attributes. When the ruling Military-Political elites failed to pacify the people of Pakistan they used the same old anti-India and Kashmir rhetoric".

"Pakistan should have learned from its past historical track record and how it has always faced humiliation at the global state. The cause of Pakistan's common miseries is its ruling elite", he tweeted.

"Well, Over decades Pakistan has banked on false propaganda on Kashmir and mislead not only their own public but the international community as well. But this propaganda is fading with every passing day everywhere and the world is witnessing a true reality of J&K".

"The biggest slap on Pakistani propaganda machinery is how the youth of Kashmir are wholeheartedly celebrating 5th February as a National Unity day with the Indian Republic. The zeal vigour and passion among people like Bilal Chohan is a vindication of this change and reality", the chairman of "Save Youth Save Future" tweeted.