Exhorting people to frustrate evil designs of those indulged in selective and targeted killings of minorities in Kashmir Valley, former chief minister and president of National Conference Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday asserted that terrorists will never succeed in their plans.

Addressing a gathering during the Antim Ardas of Principal Supinder Kour at Gurudwara Shaheed Bungha, Baghat, who was killed by terrorists on October 7, Dr. Abdullah asked people of Kashmir, irrespective of their religion, have to jointly fight terrorism at this crucial juncture.

"We all have to fight them together with courage and not to be afraid. Killing a teacher who was teaching young students does not serve Islam," he said, adding, "Those involved in this heinous crime are the enemy of the entire humanity.

Farooq Abdullah
NC media cell

Kashmir is an integral part of India

Asserting that terrorists would never succeed in their nefarious designs, Dr. Abdullah said that Kashmir will never become part of Pakistan and always remain with India come what may and even if the terrorist went to extent of gunning him down.

Abdullah said divisive politics must end in the country for it to survive and people must stop dividing society into religious lines.

"It will never become Pakistan here, remember it. We are a part of India and we will remain a part of India come what may," said the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister as he met the family of a victim killed during the recent spree of terror attacks targeting civilians. "Terrorists cannot change it even if they shoot me," Abdullah told the gathering.

Farooq Abdullah
NC media cell

Communal division will lead India to destruction

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that communal harmony is the only way to defeat all the enemies of the nation as a division on religious lines will lead India to destruction.

"With unity and brotherhood, we have to fight against radical elements. The only aim of these elements is to divide the people on the grounds of religion. We should not let it happen", he said.

NC leader further said that communal harmony is the only way to defy the divide and rule policy.

"This divide and rule politics will lead to the destruction of our nation. The future of India only lies in the harmony of every religion otherwise it would have disastrous results for India. To build a prosperous nation, we have to live in harmony and fight in unity against the enemies of our nation", he said.