'Karthikeya' Movie Review: Viewers Impressed With Its Comic Quotient
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Telugu actor Nikhil Siddhartha and actress Swathi Reddy were first paired for the film "Swamy Ra Ra", which proved to be big hit at the box office.

Following its huge success, they have once joined hands for the movie "Karthikeya". Having soared up viewers' expectations sky high, the flick has released in theatres across the globe on 24 October.

"Karthikeya" is suspense thriller with a high entertainment quotient. Besides direction, Chandoo Mondeti has also penned the dialogues and the script.

Set in the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the story of the movie revolves around the mystery of Subramaniapuram temple that has been closed for years for some reasons. Whoever tries to unravel the mystery would die from snake bite. How the hero and heroine unearth the truth will form the crux of the film.

Nikhil Siddhartha is playing an investigation officer, while Swathi appears as dentist in "Karthikeya", which features Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Kishore and Tulasi in important roles. The movie has Sekhar Chandra's music, Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography and K Srinivas' editing.

"Karthikeya", which was premiered in the US on Thursday night, has garnered positive response from viewers in the paid preview shows. The film is also getting good reviews in India too. While watching it, some film-goers took to their Twitter pages to share excitement over the film.

Read "Karthikeya" Twitter review by viewers below:

Idlebrain Jeevi: 

"Karthikeya is a different yet interesting film. Will be a hit for it's budget despite having a slow-paced narration."

Mahesh S Koneru:

"Done with the first half of Karthikeya.. Promising film.. If the second half holds up, Nikhil will have another winner on his hands. Sekhar Chandra 's music and background score for Karthikeya are impressive.. The guy deserves a big break. Second half could have been better.. But good film overall.. Nikhil has another hit on his hands.. Good debut by Chandoo Mondeti."


"#Karthikeya ... 1st half is good ... suspense baaga maintain chesaru. #Karthikeya is a Good film and a Hit movie... Go for it ... Congrats @actor_Nikhil .. Nice too see such attempt. 2nd half and climax inkasta care teskunte bagundedi."


"Watching #karthikeya. Rocking comedy scenes @actor_Nikhil."

Sushanth Reddy: 

"Nice opening scene n credits !! Great writing !! Nijamga. Promise. Mana telugu cinema lo ne... Cinematography peaks.. Framing adhirindhi !!... Chinna chinna bits kommuthunnadu. Fun."


"After a LongTime watched a VeryGood SuspenceThriller #Karthikeya Interesting Concept wit SuperbExecution.Another Super Hit for @actor_Nikhil"

Ravi Teja: 

"Suspense ki comedy thodayithe formula superhit.... #Karthikeya Serious Mode lo comedy mix chesi neat ga nadipisthunnadu story ... #Interval, Very Interesting First Half ...."


Liked #Karthikeya. Surely a HIT.. @actor_Nikhil's performance, Cinematography, Music are the highlights. Congrats to director and his team:)

Harsh C

#Karthikeya is very good thriller in recent times. @actor_nikhil's Performance, Screenplay, Rerecording and Cinematography are major assets.


#Karthikeya is a Good film and a Hit movie... Go for it Congrats @actor_Nikhil .. Nice too see such attempt"

Raj CM: 

"#Karthikeya started in subramanyapuram titles are good!! #Karthikeya started with dark comemdy #dialogues are good time for frst song!! Good comedy scenes goin on swathi entrred aunty la undi. time for second song ala ala vellipotundi mve songs bagunnai swathi matuku screen size undi. Main stry strated. Boothbangla scenesse to same chandramukhi la unnai dark comemdy #Karthikeya first half done Good..esp temple story explain chesina aa stry board highlight!!"


Movie opens with a mystery followed by hero & heroine introduction... #Karthikeya. So far watchable... Hero enters subramanyapuram now... Director sir... Lets moveee onnnn into the Stry. 3rd song Inthalo... Good.