Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown
Karrueche Tran and Chris BrownInstagram

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown's relationship seems to be getting more complicated by the day.

Karrueche reportedly wants to get rid of her puppy as it reminds her of Chris, while the "Loyal" singer wants his former ladylove to move out of the house he had leased for her. Brown also reportedly believes that his ex is famous only because of him.

According to Hollywood Life, it all started when Tran, in an interview with iHeartRadio on 22 June, said she wasn't sure if she wanted to keep the puppy Brown had gifted her on Christmas. 

"If Karrueche wants to get rid of her dog because it reminds her of Chris, then she should have already moved out of the house Chris leased for her. Shouldn't that crib remind her of him, too?" a source said.

And now, Chris Brown has said that Karrueche Tran is becoming famous because of the attention she is getting by being associated with him.

"Chris learned never to expose the next girl he's with to that Hollywood life and fame. He essentially gave her a name and she is only famous for dating him. He provided a platform for her and she's using it to bash him. She even purposely goes to his favorite clubs and restaurants like it's no big deal," an insider said.

Meanwhile, Tran, who was recently spotted having dinner with "Orange is The New Black" actor Ruby Rose, has decided to attend the BET Awards, and this has upset the "Forever" singer. Sources claim that Tran gets invited to these red carpet events only because she used to dated Chris.

"Kae shows no shame attending every red carpet event in the world, knowing that she's only invited there because she dated him. That irks him and never again will he allow the next woman to use him for fame," a source said.

It has been reported that Karrueche is planning to attend the event along with good friend Memphis. "She thinks it will be fun for the both of them. They both love rap and R&B and there will be plenty of that. And he can dance, and Karrueche loves a man who can move on the dance floor. It's going to be a good time and and amazing atmosphere and she'd like to experience that with him," a source said.

But Chris Brown, who will also attend the BET Awards, apparently doesn't want Tran to be there to spoil his evening. "This is going to be a big day for Chris. The last person he wants to see is Karrueche because she would kill his energy and ruin the whole damn night," an insider said.

Well, it looks like there's no scope of reconciliation between Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown.