In a bizarre yet intriguing incident, a teenage boy from Karnataka resorted to a very strange way of sneaking his friend to his flat amid lockdown. The incident occurred in an apartment complex on Arya Samaj Road in Mangaluru.

According to the police sources, the boy is from Mangaluru and he attempted to smuggle in his friend into his flat in a suitcase in order to bypass security amid the lockdown. The boy was frustrated due to the apartment association not giving permission to outsiders to enter the complex premises due to the coronavirus scare.

Medial staff on coronavirus duty
Medial staff on coronavirus duty

As he dragged the huge suitcase inside the society complex, the occupants grew suspicious as the suitcase started to shake a little.

Boy tries to wheel friend inside suitcase

The boy had initially asked permission from the society association for bringing his friend to his flat but he was denied permission, which made him get frustrated and made him attempt this trick.

When residents found that the bag was wobbling they immediately called the security guards to examine the contents of the bag.

A police official stated that when the suitcase was open; everyone was shocked to see a person stuffed inside the suitcase. People from society immediately called up the police and asked the police to book the boy for violating the lockdown.

But the police did not file any case as both the boys were minors and were studying in the pre-university course (PUC) at a college in Mangaluru.

Both the boys were told to go back to their respective places and the parents were summoned to the police station in this regard.

Police is trying to enforce the lockdown strictly across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. Reports have suggested that the lockdown might be extended for another two weeks in Karnataka.

Karnataka has many cases of COVID-19 and six deaths have been reported.

Coronavirus was first reported in China in December last year and since then it has claimed several lives across the world with America and Italy reporting the maximum number of cases and deaths.