Ravi Hongal's camera-shaped house

A passionate photographer from Karnataka has caused quite a stir on social media as he has taken his passion to an all-new level. Ravi Hongal hailing from Belgaum has made a camera-shaped three-story house, which has become the talk of the town.

Photography caught Ravi's fancy since he was a child. He used to go around the rural area taking photos with his 'Pentax' and 'Zenith' camera as a youngster.

Photography soon became his passion and he made photography his profession too. He got married to Rani and named his business after his wife's name. Ravi and Rani had three sons and he named them Epson, Canon, and Nikon, names of professional cameras. It does not stop there. His camera-shaped house has been named Sony. The house has 'Click' written on it.

'Living inside a camera'

Ravi's house looks exactly like a camera with viewfinder, lens and memory card and has tones of grey. Moreover, the lens of the camera is made with the windows of the house. Hongal's building has become the latest attraction in the city. The local reports have also stated that the Ravi spent several lakhs to design even the walls of interiors as different parts of the camera. Thousands of people have got amazed by looking at Ravi's pictures with his family in front of his popular house.

Ravi has received all kinds of comments for his house. Some are appreciating his efforts of making his dreams a reality while there are some who are mocking him for literally 'living inside a camera'.

There are many homes around the world that are known for their specific designs. Another house that had caught everyone's attention was the house-shaped in the form of a toilet seat near Seoul.

South Korea's sanitation activists had marked the beginning of the global toilet association by 'lifting the lid' of this house, which is the world's first toilet-shaped house.

However, there are many unique houses across the globe with some in the shape of aeroplanes and also a bioclimatic solar house.