Coronavirus patient in hospital
Medical workers wearing personal protective equipment take care of a patient suffering from the coronavirus at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India, May 28, 2020.Courtesy: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

On Friday, the Karnataka government issued guidelines for RWAs to follow in setting up COVID care centres in the state. The move comes as cases rise alarmingly in the state. The centres set up will house asymptomatic patients.

The guidelines issues stipulate which places can be used for the centre, and what needs to be kept in mind while setting up a COVID care centre.

Government involves community organisations in COVID management

The battle against COVID-19 in Karnataka is only growing more intense as time passes. As many members of the government have begun testing positive for COVID-19, authorities are trying to regain control of the slowly worsening situation in the state. The total number of cases in the state has crossed 33,000. 

Now, the government has decided to involve community organisations in the fight against COVID-19. Therefore, the state government issued a notification on Saturday allowing RWAs to set up COVID care centres to manage mild and asymptomatic patients. This includes isolation of said patients.

The RWAs can utilise empty houses, community halls and flats to set up the COVID care centre. Separate accommodation for women and children is advised. In a 10 X10 feet room with an attached toilet and bath, only a single person will be allowed to reside. However, in a hall with an attached bathroom 4 to 6 patients can reside. 

Government guidelines for RWAs setting up COVID care centres
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The centres need to have adequate oxygen supplies and PPE kits, oximeter, N-95 masks, BP apparatus, etc. The RWAs will have to tie up with a medical team to conduct regular checks on the patients and for medical assistance. Through government recommended software, the RWAs will have to report the admission, release and medical condition of patients. 

Government order for RWAs setting up COVID care centres
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These COVID care centres will only admit mild and asymptomatic patients who are below 60 years of age, those without comorbid conditions, children above 10 years of age, women who are not pregnant or lactating and those without serious medical or psychological conditions, the guidelines read.