Karnataka has been put on red alert following the detection of terrorist activity. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) issued the notice along Karnataka's coast. According to sources, these activities are suspected in coastal areas' dense forests and hilly regions.

Central intelligence agencies have detected calls being made from multiple locations in Karwar, Dakshina Kannada, and Chikkamagalur districts, which are on the radar of intelligence agencies for a long time for terrorists and Naxal activities.

Terrorism in PakistanCredit: Reuters

The call locations are being tracked

The hilly and dense forest regions of the districts are being used as shelters to carry out anti-national activities by suspected terrorists. The calls were made from these locations in Karnataka to the foreign locations in the last week, according to sources.

The call locations are being tracked and investigations have revealed that the calls are being made to discuss carrying out nefarious activities. The sources are also looking into the angle of whether the sleeper cells in these locations are being activated by foreign elements.


Terrorists are suspected to have come from Sri Lanka

Central Intelligence agencies have recently warned that as many as 12 suspected IS terrorists from Sri Lanka sneaked into the coastal districts of the state in the guise of fishermen. A red alert has been announced in the coastal areas in this backdrop.

Sources say that these calls were made by suspected terrorists. It is also suspected that these calls were made from sleeper cells in Karnataka. The intelligence agencies suspect that suspected terrorists are using Thuraya satellite phones which are banned in India since 2012.

The intelligence agencies raided multiple locations in Karnataka and Kerala last month. They have also taken two persons into custody for having connections with terrorists and carrying out anti-India propaganda.

Mohammed Ahmad Siddibappa aka Yasin Bhatkal was the founder leader of the terrorist organization Indian Mujahideen (IM). He was also listed on the National Intelligence Agency's (NIA) most-wanted list and hailed from the coastal town of Bhatkal in Karnataka.