Sriramulu must resign
Sriramulu must resignIBT creative

The COVID situation in Karnataka has been taking worse turns by the day. With a record number of new cases with each passing day, the Karnataka government ordered a complete lockdown in Bengaluru till July 22. While attempts to contain the spread of the virus continues, Karnataka's health minister B Sriramulu found himself in hot waters after a controversial remark.

On Wednesday, the state health minister said that "only God can save us" in the context of rising COVID-19 cases. Soon after, a huge stir was created suggesting the government's inability to tackle the pandemic. Even though the minister issued a detailed clarification to his controversial remark saying he was 'misquoted', he is not in the clear yet.

AAP demands Sriramulu's resignation

After facing a serious backlash from Congress and the newly-appointed KPCC President DK Shivkumar, Aam Aadmi Party has weighed in on the topic. AAP Karnataka's state convener, Prithvi Reddy, has now demanded Sriramulu's resignation over his "irresponsible statement on the pandemic."

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The State Government was busy taking credit and showcasing the Karnataka model during June when cases were a few hundred, instead of preparing for what could be an eventuality. Now that the cases have multiplied 4x to 5x times both in cases and deaths, the Government rather than taking pro-active steps and are asking people of the state to look to God for help," Reddy said in a statement.

AAP minister also claimed the state government has lost the confidence of the people by making such a remark.

"There is a proverb that says 'Trust in God but tie your horse'. The Health Minister believes in God but he has allowed the horse to run loose without tying it up. Aam Aadmi Party had earlier offered to the state government that it could share information on the successful strategies adopted by the Delhi government to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in Delhi, but the Health minister, Mr B Sriramulu, and the Medical Education Minister, Dr. Sudhakar, have chosen not to make use of that offer," Reddy added.

Sriramulu hasn't responded to AAP's remarks. The copy will be duly updated with his response.