Indrajit Lankesh

Ever since the bust of the drug racket in Karnataka, Sandalwood has been in the eye of a storm. On Monday, filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh arrived at the Central Crime Branch, Bengaluru for questioning.

The filmmaker hade recently made comments on the industry, and a section of stars who've been involved in drugs. He had earlier said he will be willing to divulge names with regard to the case if the need arises

Indrajit Lankesh makes big claims on the drug menace in Sandalwood

Last week three people were arrested in a drug racket in Bengaluru. The Narcotics Control Bureau had managed to make the arrests of three key accused in the case and uncovered on the phone of one drug supplier the 2,000 stored names which include eminent personalities from the Sandalwood industry. Moreover, these included actors, producers, and VIP personalities as well.

Soon after the news of the case was in the public, Sandalwood slowly began reacting to it. Filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh had taken to a TV channel where he spoke about the situation. He candidly revealed that there were many such big names that were involved with drugs. He added in his conversation with Public TV that it was not the entire industry but just a portion of it that was part of the problem.

Indrajit Lankesh

Lankesh said on Saturday to reporters, "The drug network in sandalwood is far and wide, Many young actors and actresses organise rave parties. I have heard many stories and also, I know many such incidents." 

Still, many actors, actresses and producers in the industry have either kept mum or have said that they haven't come across any such incident or in contact with any of these people. However, taking into cognisance the huge claims made by the filmmaker, the CCB had issued a notice to the director to come offer information he may have for them. The director was questioned for an hour.