Karnataka Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao in his recent tweet denied the media reports that suggested his daughter Ameera Rao had tested positive for the coronavirus test.

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While in a Facebook post, his wife Tabu Rao too came up with the same responses to the media for spreading the fake news about their daughter.


The state already under lockdown

Karnataka is already under lockdown with almost 55 cases reported on the viral infection till date. Among them, four patients have a travel history of returning from London.

It's in the midst of this pandemic fury the arguments about the prominent leader's daughter got kindled. TV channels had earlier come with a report that one of the COVID-19 patients in the state was Ameera, Rao's daughter.

FB post
FB post

Ameera had a travel history of returning from London and this must have been taken as the foundation for the hoax news. But, right from the day of her return, Ameera has been under home quarantine and self-isolation, the sources say.

The Congress leader and his wife urges the media

"As responsible parents, we have quarantined our daughter 10 days ago at the advice of our doctors and just because the stamp is outsde our house, it's not a media sensation. It means we are responsible parents and it's a responsible government," wrote Tabu Rao in her Facebook post.

She also added that neither the throat swabs nor blood samples of Ameera have been taken so far and that she is healthy. She urged the media to ask her or her husband before publishing such reports about them.

FB post
FB post

Other cases in Karnataka

Meanwhile, the state has a report on a 35-year old man from Mysuru who although with no recent foreign travel or contact history, has but unfortunately found to be positive for COVID-19.

"The case is isolated at a designated hospital in Mysuru. The detailed investigation is under process. Seven primary contacts have been traced and are under house quarantine," reported a bulletin from the Karnataka state health department.

As mentioned in the report, the man worked in a pharmaceutical company; but however, seemed to have had contact with several healthcare professionals.