A man in Byndoor, Karnataka has now become a local saviour for saving his pet dog from the clutches of a 20-foot-long python. He had returned home from a trip fnding that a python was trying to swallow his dog.

He managed to save the dog without harming the python. The python was later released in a forest nearby. 

Man saves his pet from a 20-foot-long python

Ravi Shetty a resident of Byndoor in Karnataka had been away in Bengaluru for a while and had returned on Tuesday, when he heard his dog yelping. Shetty had arrived at 8 am in the morning. When he rushed to his dog, he found that a python had wrapped itself around the dog and constricted it. 

Shetty acted fast to save his dog from the python. Shetty told TOI that his family was very attached to the dog, and it was difficult since the python was 20 feet long and weighed 50 kgs. The operation had taken 80 minutes to conduct.

Borneo villagers kill 20ft python- Representational Picture A snake breeder holds a ball python in Assagay, South Africa.REUTERS/Rogan Ward

Shetty alerted authorities and the forest department to help him, the size of the snake had made residents hesitant to help. Ultimately, in the complex operation, it was not just the dog that was saved but the python too was uncoiled and taken away to be released in a forest nearby. 

Ravi Shetty is the president of the Karnataka Karmika Vedike.