Karnataka farmers protest

Even as the farmer's organisation are calling for a state-wide bandh to protest the farm bills, the government and authorities are firm on the guidelines in place. With the pandemic and the COVID-19 restrictions authorities are going to be taking matters seriously on Septemeber 28th.

The bandh is expected to disrupt normal life in parts of Karnataka. Even as the CM and the Revenue minister have said there is no permission for the protest, farmers are planning to goa ahead with it. 

Authorities stand on the Karnataka bandh

In Bengaluru, Commissioner Kamal Pant was quoted by Public TV as saying that should a protest be organised tomorrow the NDMA Act will be invoked in violation of COVID norms. Permission hasn't been given to protestors seeking to stage a bandh agaisnt the APMC Act and the Farm bills. 

While BMTC will be plying as usual, and so will KSRTC amid some concern about public transportation functioning as usual across the state. 

In Kodagu, the district police ahead of the Karnataka bandh calls have issued strict guidelines, in a statement the department said, "Functions, meetings, protests, strikes, etc. require the permission of the administration so public peace isn't disturbed."

SP Kodagu tweet

Moreover, the Kodagu police have said that any loss and destruction to public property will be incurred by the protestors themselves. In light of COVID-19, even those who have to protest must follow the COVID-19 guidelines as well as social distancing. 

The rules in the Kodagu police's statements say, "If shops and government offices are forcefully closed, it will be against the law and action will be taken against those who do it." Secondly, "In the case of any loss to government buildings and public property organisers of the protest will be taken to court." And finally, "All losses to public and government will be collected from protest organisers."

It is yet to be seen if the bandh will be carried out as planned, despite the authorities' objection.