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There was a time when Kareena Kapoor was an unabashed queen of words who never hid behind diplomacy to convey what she truly felt. Things might not be the same now as the Begum of Pataudi has learnt to dodge fiery bullets from journalists and avoids falling into any controversy owing to her statements. However, this old Filmfare interview will probably remain one of Kareena's most outspoken interview ever.

Kareena Kapoor then and now

Talking about whether or not she is comfortable doing glamorous roles, Kareena had said, "I've realized I'm here to be at the top. And to get there you have to be sexy, glamorous and attractive. Everyone has been at the top – Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri, Karisma – has taken the glamour route. Rekha is called a sex goddess. I was very flattered when a magazine called me one too. In any case, just by wearing a salwar-kameez I can't prove that I'm a good actress."

"The clothes have to be in keeping with the character...like Pooh's deadly outfits in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. I want to be the No. 1 actress. So why pick on my clothes? I know of certain heroines who have suddenly started showing their cleavage after a decade in the business. A bit late in the day, no? But I don't think anyone wants to see you doing the oomphy act. That's okay. I want to do a mixture of the realistic and the glamorous," she added. 

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She also said that she gets the highest fee or whatever she commands and she takes it as a huge compliment. Bebo added that this shows film-makers and audiences have full faith in her abilities.

"From the deglamorized Refugee, I swung straight into the ultra-glam Mujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai. I don't think any other heroine has had the opportunity to do as wide a variety of roles in one year as I have. No two films of mine have been the same. See, Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi didn't become instant successes. Madhuri's first few films were failures. Sure, Sridevi has Nagina, Chandni and Mr India...but after quite a few years in the industry. For that matter how many memorable blockbusters has Rekha starred in? And yet she's a movie goddess," Kareena said.

Well, even after a decade of this interview, Kareena has continued to remain one of the highest-paid actresses of this generation. Not only has she broken all Bollywood stereotypes related to actresses, their marriage and their pregnancy, but also has never shied away from taking on roles which many actresses would fear to do.