While the world is trapped amidst the web of a global pandemic caused due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, there are still some social elements that are scarier than this deadly virus. For ages, people are judged and discriminated in the name of sex, caste, religion and race across the world. And when on May 26, a 46-year-old African-American man named George Floyd was killed in the city of Minneapolis by a police officer, and it ignited a widespread outrage across the US.

People from spheres of life have come to support George and raise their voice against the brutality of the authorities. Protests have been held all at the intersection where George was killed as well as at many other places. Citizens have raised their voice to get justice for Floyd and #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd has been trending on social media.

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Celebrities from the entertainment industry such as LeBron James, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Viola Davis, John Boyega, Demi Lovato, Naiomi Cambel and several others have taken to social media to react to Floyd's death.

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan is also heartbroken with the demise of Floyd and has taken her social media to express her grief. She shared the picture from the front of what looks like a leading magazine, where a supposedly an African man is being chased by US policemen.

The scribbled text on the image shared by Kareena, symbolises that though we live in the 21st century, things have not changed and people are judged and treated on the basis of their colour and creed.

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? #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

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Many Hollywood celebrities have also come out to support George Floyd. Have a look:

Sharing the video of the unfortunate incident on his Instagram account, American Singer Justin Bieber wrote, "THIS MUST STOP! this makes me absolutely sick. This makes me angry this man DIED. This makes me sad. Racism is evil We need to use our voice! Please people. I'm sorry GEORGE FLOYD"

How George Floyd died?

The news of George Floyd went viral when a video of police officers, brutally punishing the man went viral on social media. Reportedly on May 26, Floyd was murdered in a violent attempt by the police to apprehend him for allegedly issuing a fake cheque. George was in his car when four white police officers approached him. The officers have alleged that Floyd tried to "resist arrest" and hence they took the action. Although, an eyewitness has accused that the police of disproportionate violence.

In the video that surfaced on the internet, Floyd can be found clasped to the ground by two police officers, with one of them kneeling on his neck for nearly five minutes. Passers-by and bystanders during the incident were seen pleading the police to release him from the stranglehold. Floyd himself could be heard pleading, telling the officers that he "can't breathe".

After over five minutes of kneeling on his neck, Floyd died from suffocation. Reportedly, officers also threatened the eyewitness who was approaching with pepper spray if they came closer. As per the sources, four officers have been fired by the Minneapolis mayor, Jacob Frey on Tuesday and a federal investigation has been initiated against them.