Actor Karanvir Bohra is all set for the big launch of his digital debut and upcoming web show The Casino, which already looks promising with a larger than life feel, starcast and gripping storyline which will surely keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

While the show was mainly shot in Mumbai, some parts of it were shot in Nepal at the start of the year, which Karanvir feels was one of the most beautiful outdoor shooting experiences for the show.

Karanvir Bohra, The Casino
Karanvir Bohra, The CasinoInstagram

Speaking about their shooting stint in Nepal, Karanvir shares, "Outdoor shoots have an entirely different charm of their own, and shooting in Nepal earlier this year for The Casino was one of the most amazingly beautiful shooting experiences we have had. The people, the place and the local food of course was all so warm and welcoming, which made our shooting experience there an even more memorable one. Kathmandu was a goregeous shooting location. So picturesque and lovely which really helped enhance our shooting duration there. Even visiting Pashupathinath while we were there was so lovely."

He continued, "Though a day before leaving for Nepal we got news of the covid scare in China and were a bit worried because Nepal is close to China, but somehow managed to go there, complete our shoot in time and get back to Mumbai, after which we got to know that the virus had just about then entered Nepal. So we honestly made it in time for the entire shoot process there, but the wonderful experience that we had really covered up for all our fears."