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Karan Oberoi has revealed that he and Mona Singh dated for a brief while during the shoot of their hit TV show. The duo met on the sets of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi and briefly shared a relationship. Karan revealed that he had even proposed marriage to Mona who rejected the proposal as she wanted to focus on her career. Karan added that they haven't met since then.

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What he loved in Mona

Karan said that what attracted him to her was her chilled-out behaviour and sense of humour. He also called their short relationship beautiful. "She was very chilled out and had a terrific sense of humour, which I found very appealing. I think it was very natural for me to fall for her. She laughs openly and I fell in love with this aspect of her. She is very bindaas as a person. It was beautiful while it lasted," Karan revealed.

Talking about why she rejected his marriage proposal, Oberoi revealed that the show was a mammoth hit and she was emerging star. He added that while he found it difficult to understand that she wanted to focus on her career, but looking back, he feels her decision was completely justified.

Karan Oberoi
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How Karan took the rejection

"Jassi was a stellar show, and she was a national icon. She was rising in her career. At that time, I didn't understand this, but now I can... She wanted to focus on her career, and there is nothing wrong with that," he further told Siddharth Kannan on his show.

Karan revealed that he went through self loathing for a few months after this which affected his personal and professional well-being. He also added that while he and Mona Singh have not met after their break-up, he bears no ill feelings towards her.