Will Tara Sutaria's praising words for Kangana Ranaut upset Karan Johar
Will Tara Sutaria's praising words for Kangana Ranaut upset Karan Johar?Varinder Chawla/Instagram

Student Of The Year 2 actress Tara Sutaria was recently found in a catch-22 situation when she said that she considers Kangana Ranaut as her role model as an outsider. Her mentor Karan Johar, who has constantly been at the receiving end of criticism from Kangana, was reportedly quite irked with his protege's (Tara) open love towards his hostile force.

"Ek toh Tara is being introduced by Karan (in Student Of The Year 2). And then she knows what Kangana and her sister have been doing to provoke Karan. Given the circumstances it seems very odd that Tara has taken this moment to praise Kangana," a friend of Karan Johar was quoted as saying by SKJ Bollywood news.

The friend further said, "Considering that Tara the 'outsider' has been treated as well as her co-star the 'insider'(star kid) Ananya Pandey it seems strange that Tara should feel such a strong sense of bonding with the eternally persecuted outsider. But you won't hear Karan Johar complaining about Tara's insensitivity. He doesn't want to give this(Tara's open declaration of admiration for Kangana)any importance."

Earlier, Tara had praised Kangana for becoming one of the leading Bollywood actresses without any backup as such. But it looks like after learning about Karan's annoyance, the debutante has taken a U-turn and changed her preferences from Kangana and went on to settle with Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

When Tara was recently asked about praising Kangana, the SOTY 2 actor said, "I actually said that I look up to all the women that are senior to us in the industry. Whether it is Priyanka... like I just said. All of them are just so good in their own ways. So, I think I can't choose one actress."

She further added, "I think Priyanka Chopra and even Deepika Padukone for sure. I feel as women they are really strong and empowered, with their choices of films. Whether they are producing films in India or abroad, I think there's a lot to look up to in that sense. So, yes, definitely Deepika and Priyanka."