Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma
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Did you know Salman Khan once wanted to get married, but he did not because his "mood got changed" at the last moment? Well, that is what producer Sajid Nadiadwala revealed.

Housefull 4 team and its producer Sajid recently appeared on Kapil Sharma Show, where he made an interesting revelation about Salman. Being close friends, after taking an oath to stay unmarried forever, Sajid and Salman had once together decided to get married to their respective partners.

What Exactly Happened 

Sajid said that the incident dated back in 1999. Salman told Sajid that he wanted to get married, and asked him also to find a bride for himself. They both agreed, but just a few days before the big day was supposed to happen, Salman changed his mind.

Salman had gotten an attack in 1999 of getting married. He already had a girl, I had to find one for myself. Salman's father's birthday is on November 18, so we had decided to tie the knot on the same date. Everything was set, even cards were sent out. Just six or five days before the due date, he said 'I don't have the mood'. After changing his mind, he came on stage during my marriage and whispered in my ears. 'There is a car outside, take it and run away'.

Sajid Nadiadwala
Sajid NadiadwalaPR Handout

Everyone on the show burst out in laughter after hearing this strange but hilarious incident. Well, it is Salman Bhai, and he is known for his antics.

The Dabangg star's marriage plan remained a hot topic of discussion for a long time, and despite being in the 50s, Salman is still considered to be the most eligible bachelor of the country.