The entire film and TV industry had a major setback after a nationwide lockdown was imposed across the country to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Shootings were stalled and several TV shows had started telecasting previous episodes including The Kapil Sharma Show.

However, a recently aired episode (old one) on March 28 had landed Kapil Sharma in trouble with the Kayastha community. The said episode has allegedly hurt the religious sentiments of people.

Kapil Sharma

According to several reports, the leaders of the Kayastha community had demanded a public apology from Kapil Sharma over some reference in the joke. They reportedly threatened to protest against him and his show and might even put a ban on it post lockdown.

Bending down to their demands, Kapil Sharma issued an apology to the Kayastha community on Twitter. In a note, Kapil wrote in Hindi, "Dear Kayastha community, I heard about The Kapil Sharma Show episode telecast on 28 March 2020. If the mention of Shri Chitragupta Ji has hurt your sentiments, then I and my entire team apologise to you. Our intention wasn't to hurt anyone. I pray to God that may you all be safe, happy and keep smiling. With love and respect."

After posting a public apology, Kapil Sharma fans stood in support of him saying that a man who makes the whole world laugh, can't hurt anyone's sentiments.