So Kanye met God. While taking a shower. And if Joe Rogan's podcast and the almighty handle 'TheTweetOfGod', are anything to go by, the two even had a conversation. Not the Twitter handle and Joe Rogan, silly. But God, the almight and Kanye West. 

Co-incidentally West and God are on the same page. While the musician-designer wants to run for President, it seems even God wants him to, 'lead the free world'. "It was something that God put on my heart in 2015, said Kanye, adding "My calling is to be the leader of the free world." We reproduce excerpts from the conversation, the social media has been going berserk over.

Kanye West
American rapper Kanye West poses before Christian Dior 2015-2016 fall/winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show on March 6, 2015 in ParisPATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Beyond black & white

While the rapper got emotional while talking about how he and Kim discussed aborting their firstborn, daughter North West, there was no leaving his signature 'humility' aside. "I don't think in the black and white lines that I have been programmed to think in. I think in full colour. So when I talk, I have to describe a thought in five ways," said the Presidential hopeful during his three-hour conversation (while on The Joe Rogan Experience, not with God this time).

Well, Twitter accordingly gave him more than five different reactions; from ridicule, speculation, sarcasm, cynicism to in a few rare cases, even applause. From West being publicity-hungry to bipolar, the speculations were re-entertained ever since the musician-designer first announced his keen interest in Presidential politics at the MTV Music Awards. "Hearing voices is usually a symptom of serious mental illness," so went some of the ruthless theories.

Watch out for 2024

West even said that he might switch to running as a Democrat instead of his political brainchild Birthday Party. But while his political affiliations are not yet in place, the outcome is, as "I'm definitely 100 per cent winning in 2024." Winning. Not just running for Presidentship.

Kanye West Hugs President Trump At The White House

President Trump's got competition, in quotable quotes, that is

While many of Kanye West's statements have been the highlight of the podcast, becoming news headlines later. This is not the first time, he has amused people in numbers larger than the ones attending his concerts and tours. It was only in 2009 during a music show, that Kanye West declared that God chose him to pursue music. "I feel good about the music I make. God chose me. He made a path for me. I am God's vessel."

Want to know his greatest pain? "It is that he will never be able to see himself perform live." After all, as Kanye once confessed, "I am one of the greatest rappers in the world."

Now it appears God wants him to lead the free world while sitting in the Oval Office.