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The Kannada film industry seems to be facing a crisis over dubbing. The issue emerged after the Competition Commission of India (CCI) took over the matter a couple of years ago, when Hindi film "Kite" was released in more than the allotted number of theatres for non-Kannada films.

Now, it is rumored that CCI is on the verge of giving its verdict and is expected to be in favour of dubbing. It is also rumored that a few producers have already dubbed a couple of films and are waiting to release them.

Sensing the ominous signs, Kannada Okkoota, an umbrella body of pro-Kannada organisations, has called for a bandh on 27 January to oppose dubbing. Actor Shivrajkumar has extended his support to the strike and has given assurance to participate in the bandh along with other celebrities including Darshan, Sudeep, Puneet Rajkumar, Ravichandran, Duniya Vijaya and Jaggesh.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Rajendra Singh Babu, who is in favour of dubbing, has said that the choice of accepting or rejecting a dubbed film should be given to the audience. He also said that dubbing should be seen in the competitive spirit rather than a curse on Kannada films. But his views have not gone well with many actors.

In the melee of comments and controversies, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has decided not to participate in the bandh for fear angering the Competition Commission of India.

The controversy surrounding dubbing has also given rise to a heated debate on Facebook. The social networking website has been flooded with different views on dubbing with some of the young directors gunning for it, while a few others strongly opposing it.