Kanika Kapoor is all set to tie the knot for the second time. The Baby Doll singer is reportedly getting hitched on May 20. She is getting married to an NRI from London. In an interview, Kanika revealed that she has no hang-ups from her first marriage which failed terribly. The singer has said that the failed marriage didn't make her look away from real love and she always had space for it.

Kanika Kapoor
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The first marriage

"My parents told me not to crib about who was right and who was wrong and that helped me to move on. Financial independence gives you self-respect and I needed that. It wasn't easy initially- but it all settled down beautifully," she told TOI.

Kanika might have shot to fame with Baby Doll song featuring Sunny Leone, but in reality, she has been singing since she was 16. However, when despite a lot of struggles she couldn't find the success she got married and moved to London. But, the marriage was not a happily ever after and the two parted ways.

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What went wrong

"I didn't fight. I just moved away. I'm not confrontational. If something isn't going right, I ignore it and concentrate on the positives. That is what I did even when I was going through hell. It was difficult. But, today, when I see other people going through so much, I feel my life is much easier. Going through a bad marriage was difficult, but most women are in bad marriages. They just don't talk about it, and they can't get out of it," Kapoor told HT.