Kangana Ranaut has spoken about the latest advertisement by the Titan Group's jewellery brand Tanishq and said that it is wrong on many levels. The ad not only promotes love-jihad but also sexism.

Tanishq courted controversy with its latest advertisement featuring an interfaith baby shower. In the ad, a pregnant Hindu woman is escorted by a Muslim elderly lady to a baby shower ceremony. At the end of the video, the young woman asks the older woman, "But this ceremony is not held at your home." The mother-in-law replies: "Isn't it a tradition for every home to keep daughters happy?"

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana RanautSocial media

A section of people, who were furious with the ad, resorted to vicious trolling with the hashtag #BoycottTanishq on social media. They condemned Tanishq, saying that "promoted love jihad". The popular jewellery brand got into swift action after seeing this negative trend and pulled the ad off the air. This development led to a big debate between left and right-wing activists on social media.

Some celebs also voiced their opinions on the issue and one among them was Kangana Ranaut, who responded to Anima Sonkar (@AnimaSonkar), who tweeted, "This is what "UNITED HINDUS" are capable of- @TanishqJewelry deletes the video that showed a Hindu girl in a Muslim household: after immense outrage on social media! #BoycottTanishq."

Tanishq new ad
Tanishq new adSocial Media

Kangana Ranaut tweeted on Monday night, "The concept wasn't as much a problem as the execution was, the fearful Hindu girl apologetically expressing her gratitude to her in-laws for the acceptance of her faith, Isn't she the woman of the house? Why is she at their mercy? Why so meek and timid in her own house? Shameful."

On Tuesday morning, Kangana Ranaut tweeted again, "This advert is wrong on many levels, Hindu bahu is living with the family for a significant amount of time but acceptance happens only when she is carrying their heir. So what is she just a set of ovaries? This advert does not only promote love-jihad but also sexism #tanishq."

Later, Kangana Ranaut added, "As Hindus, we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting into our subconscious, we must scrutinise, debate and evaluate what is the outcome of any perception that is fed to us, this is the only way to save our civilisation #tanishq."