Kangana and Nagma
Kangana Ranaut and Nagma.PR Handout

The digital team of actress Kangana Ranaut has slammed the meme posted by actress-turned-politician Nagma which called her a "hypocrite." The latter's post had mocked the former's various stages of her journey in Bollywood to state that her career was built on nepotism.

Nagma's meme read, "Kangana Didi's entire career is standing on a pillar of nepotism. Kangana Ranaut introduced in Bollywood by Aditya Pancholi. - Boyfriend (nepotism). 1st film Gangster produced by Mahesh Bhatt (nepotism). 1st film lead role opposite to Emraan Hasmi (nepotism).

Didi career flipped then relaunched by Hrithik in Kites. Didi career again flipped, again relaunched by Hrithik in Krish 3 (nepotism). Didi hired her sister as a manager (nepotism). Didi never talked or helped before Sushant demise, but suddenly after demise she is fighting for Sushant or running propaganda against those she has a problem with. Didi is hypocrite."

This post did not go well with Kangana Ranaut's digital team which goes by the name Team Kangana, and responded to the meme in a series of tweets below:

The tweets read: "Nagma ji, 1) Pancholi wasn't her BF, she has made it clear many times that initially he promised to mentor but soon turned tormentor, he used to beat her every time she went for auditions or film shoots no he didn't introduce her to Anurag Basu."

"Mr Basu doesnt even know him, he has made it clear plenty of times 2) She gave audition for Gangster, no nepotism there 3) Kangana's career was ruined aftr she was reduced to a background actor in Kites that's the reason she didn't want to do Krish she was forced to do it."

"4) No agency wantd to hire Kangana because she won't dance in weddings where people throw money at you & fairness creams so Rangoli ji strtd to handle her film dates, she too could hardly speak English & hd no idea abt the biz, so she did wht any sister wil do. Stop spreading lies."

Kangana Ranaut has been vocal about nepotism issue which is reignited after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. She has targeted many leading names of Bollywood.