Kangana and Urmila

Kangana Ranaut is back again, and her war with Bollywood actors continues. After attacking Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Jaya Bachchan. Last night, Kangana Ranaut engaged in a war of words with Urmila Matondkar. 

Let's take a look at what happened.

Urmila Matondkar on drugs cartel in Bollywood

Urmila Matondkar has been engaging in a war of words with Kangana Ranaut over the alleged Bollywood drug row. The 'Rangeela' actress feels it is unfair to say that everybody in the industry is into drugs and are junkies. Talking to a news portal on the same, Urmila reportedly said the kind of image that people have been portraying about Bollywood is unjust. She also stated that showing the industry as the nexus of drugs is not true, and it is not like that the industry only consists of 4-5 people, it comprises people from technicians to other hard-working people.

Urmila even said that if Kangana wants to start a war against drug abuse, she should begin with her home state, Himachal Pradesh. "The entire country is facing the menace of drugs. Does she (Kangana) know Himachal is the origin of drugs? She should start from her own state."

Kangana Ranaut took a jibe at Urmila Matondkar.

On Wednesday night, Kangana Ranaut at a video interview with Times Now spoke about Urmila Matondkar's acting talent and called her 'soft porn star.'

Here's what Kangana said,

Even Urmila, she is a soft porn star. I know it's very blatant. But she isn't known for her acting for sure. What is she known for? For doing soft porn right? If she can get a ticket, why won't I get a ticket?

Her soft porn star remark wasn't received well by the netizens and celebs, and once again, Twitter got divided into two. With a handful of people supporting Kangana majority of the people and celebrities came forward to lend support to Urmila.

Let's take a look at what happened after the soft porn remark by Kangana.

Netizens slam Kangana left, right, center and the Queen of Bollywood gave it back to them as well.

Check out below:

'Queen' actress questioned why she was not supported when Urmila Matondkar had tagged her as a prostitute and 'Rudaali'. Referring to an old interview of Urmila wherein she had called Kangana a rudaali, Kangana had slammed a social media user and posted, "Where was your feminism you dumb ass when Urmila called me Rudali and a prostitute? You fake feminist shame on entire womankind, do you know a human doesn't just have physical body we have emotional body, mental body and psychological body as well, rape isn't just intercourse!!"

Netizens slam Kangana over soft porn remark

Kangana on Sunny Leone

"The liberal brigade once virtually lynched a renowned writer into silence for saying people like Sunny Leone should not be our role models, Sunny is accepted by the industry and entire India as an artist, suddenly fake feminists equating being a porn star to something derogatory," Kangana had said.

Celebs from Ram Gopal Varma to Swara Bhaskar, Anubhav Sinha bash Kangana over Soft Porn remark.

Check out their tweets below.

Rangoli always supported Kangana's statement.

At a video interview with Barkha Dutt, Urmila Matondkar spoke about Kangana's calling her a soft porn star concerning Urmila once calling Kangana 'Rudaali.'

Rangoli slams Swara
Rangoli slams Anubhav SInha

 Urmila Matondkar chose not to comment on 'Soft Porn Star.'

"When Kangana called me a 'Soft Port Star' the Female Anchor interviewing her smiled gleefully. Isn't that shocking."

Urmila further said, "When Kangana was on a prime time channel giving an interview, I was also giving an interview to other channels, and I was praising Kangana for her body of work."

Urmila on commenting Kangana 'Rudaali''

Urmila Matondkar says "Was not an abuse. It was to say she's playing the victim. But if I have hurt her am happy to apologize."