Speaking up on issues has become the newest debate in India. Celebrities speaking up has become even more of an issue. Which issues celebrities decide to support have created supporters and haters for them in equal proportions. Kangana Ranaut too has found an issue to speak up on.

Kangana Ranaut chose to mourn the loss of Kashmiri Pandit Ajay Pandit. She posted an emotionally-charged video discussing his death and what's been happening in the Kashmir valley. Now, netizens are trending her name on Twitter, hailing her for speaking up and for showing her support.

Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana Ranaut on the death of the Kashmiri Pandit

There have been burning issues around the world, and Bollywood actors have been speaking up on issues. But, there has been a huge debate on whether or not, Bollywood celebs speak up enough about certain issues and whether they're saying the right things. Moreover, are they speaking up for the right causes?

Kangana Ranaut recently bashed celebs for not speaking up about certain issues at home, their selective activism and for showing hypocrisy in the case #BlackLivesMatter. Now, the actress chose to speak up on issue she felt strongly about— the killing of Kashmira Pandit, Ajay Pandit in the Kashmir valley.

The actress took to Instagram to post a passionate video on the killing holding up a placard, "Celebrities who call themselves intellectuals are often seen holding up cards like this, with candles, petrol bombs, step onto the streets to burn the nation..."

Apart from bashing celebrities, she demanded justice for the Kashmiri Pandit, and said that we need to stop teaching secularism to Hindus who have always been secular and peace-loving. She also said that the government should give back the land they own to Kashmiri Pandits, and send them home to their land in Kashmir. 

Now, many on the internet are impressed by the actress' candour and are happy she spoke up on an issue, that many celebrities have avoided touching upon.