Kangana Ranaut has responded to the people, who tag her in all the news of atrocities inflicted on Dalits. The actress shared the story of her own life for the people, who mock her take on modern India.

Kangana Ranaut is an admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a follower of right-wing ideology. She talks about current affairs and condemns the leftist's ideology. She has been trolled some times by the people with leanings towards left. Some of them tag her in their posts related to the atrocities on Dalits.

Kangana Ranaut

The Manikarnika actress took to her Twitter page to address those people. In a series of tweets, Kangana Ranaut revealed that adopted the youngest baby girl named her Rajkumari, who was the daughter of a Dalit woman, who had no source of income. She got her education and married to man. Her son recently got married to a Brahmin girl and this is modern India she would like to see.

Here is how Kangana Ranaut narrates her mother helping a Dalit girl:

Dear friends, I see a lot of people tag me in all the news of atrocities inflicted on Dalits and many over smart people who know India only through news mock my take on modern India, sharing the story of my own life n my sister Rajudi the bride in the picture, do read the thread

My mother was newly married she got deeply affected by the plight of a Dalit woman called Mansa in the village who had three daughters but no source of income, against her in-laws wish she adopted the youngest baby girl named her Rajkumari, sent her to school later to college.

Raju di grew up with us and at the age of 21 mom married her to Bhumi Jiju, they live in Chandigarh, this week her son Bhanu got married, when I received the lovely pictures of the couple my mother said in passing the girl is a Brahmin, this will never be shown in any news

The atrocities against Dalits you all tag me on I have never experienced but I believe you, but when I share the modern India my mother gave me who are you to call me a liar? Anyway these children look so good together, please bless them

Clarifying few things which whole village is aware of, these facts can be investigated n people can be interviewed.

1) Rajudi lived in our house like our sister.

2) She helped mom in the kitchen initially Amma made a big deal out of it eventually Raju di served food to all.

3) Few relatives condemned mom's actions but noone dared say anything in front of Raju di.

4) I don't call Rangoli didi but papa made sure we call Rajudi didi

5) Rangs and Raju di shared bedroom,where I wasn't allowed because of my age and girl talk.

This is the India I know

Rajudi's mom... Mansa mausi with me in my ancestral house, she is like a mother to me and all the children of the house, this is what our parents taught us, I want to encourage this India not the brutal orthodox sadistic India which people glorify for their political gains