Dulquer Salmaan's latest Malayalam movie "Kammatipaadam" was released in nearly 300 screeens in Kerala, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore and Mumbai on Friday, May 20. The Rajeev Ravi directorial is one of the most anticipated movies in Malayalam for Dulquer's never-seen-before avatar in it.

The action entertainer, which has bagged "A" certificate for its violent action sequences, narrates the story of Krishnan, played by Dulquer, in the backdrop of a place named Kammatipaadam, which was once the heart of Kochi.

The movie also has Vinayakan and Manikandan in main roles and Dulquer has thanked the duo for supporting him to shape his own character in the movie. "These two phenomenal actors Manikandan Chetan and Vinayakan Chetan are the real Heros of Kammatipaadam! They've contributed so much in helping me understand my own character in the film. I'll forever be grateful to them [sic]," Dulquer posted on his Facebook page. The actor has also thanked the movie's director for giving him the lead role in "Kammatipaadam." "Rajeevetta thank you for ‪#‎Kammatipaadam‬ ! For giving me Krishnan. For everything I've learned [sic]," the actor posted on his social media page.

"Kammatipaadam" also marks the debut of Bollywood actress Rasika Dugal, Shaun Romy and Amalda Liz in significant roles along with Shine Tom Chacko, Soubin Shahir, Vinay Forrt, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Alencier Ley and P Balachandran.

Being produced under the banner of Global United Media by Prem Menon, the Dulquer-starrer has been scripted by actor P Balachandran and cinematography has been handled by Madhu Neelakandan.

Here is what movie-goers have to say about Dulquer's "Kammatipaadam":

Vivek Ranjit

Kammatipaadam - Brilliant, gritty and super- gripping despite the slow pace. A superbly crafted gangster flick in Malayalam after ages, I liked it much more than Gangs of Wasseypur (Part 1). The first half is a cracker - super entertaining and brimming with energy and vigour. The second half moves into the dark zone and slowly and steadily progresses to it's conclusion. Rajeev Ravi digs deep into the history of Kochi and the growth of its suburbs into the city that we see now, along with the people who originally inhabited the land. P Balachandran Nair's script, the characters, their atmosphere, their dialogues and interactions are all extremely realistic, making them all the more effective. Kochi and Mumbai are fantastically captured by Madhu Neelakandan, with an eclectic, trippy soundtrack by John P Varkey, K and Vinayakan. Dulquer Salmaan is growing tremendously as an actor with each film and we can witness that growth and finesse in yet another fantastic performance by the young superstar. But the stars of the show are - theater artist Manikandan and of course, Vinayakan, who are simply mindblowing!! They are the life and soul of the movie and their performances are so bloody real. They were the ones who generated the maximum applause as well. Shine Tom Chacko, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Anil Alasan, Alencier Ley, Shaun Romy(With Srindaa's voice), Amalda Liz, Vinay Forrt, Soubin Shahir (in a kickass cameo), Ganapathi SP, Muthumani, P Balachandran and all the new actors among the cast have given excellent performances. Don't go in expecting a mass action film - but yes, there are many mass moments, great action scenes, a revenge plot and a gangster setting. And all those elements have much more impact than they have in usual mass films, though the treatment is more natural. So if you enjoy the kind of realistic cinema one expects from Rajeev Ravi, and if you're aware of the pace of the movie, do not miss this movie at all! Even if you don't enjoy such movies, there are chances that you might enjoy this one. So watch it anyways!!

Jinu JB 

Kammatipaadam - Yet another Brilliant movie made intelligently and in a Realistical manner by Rajiv Ravi. A movie which revolves around the story of a Gang of Local Goons who were raised from the village; Kammatipaadam and torn apart by the Rise of the Cochin City as time passes away.The movie and characters conveys about Love,Friendship,Betreyal,Revenge and possibly rides through almost every emotions a live person would go.

The performances from Lead cast were absolutely spellbounding.Dulquer Salmaan,Vinaayakan,Manikandan,Vinay Fort,Anil Nedumangadu, Alencier Ley,Suraj Venjaramoodu,T.Balachandran,Soubin Shahir,Shine Tom Chako,Shaun Romy,Amalda Liz and many more from the huge bunch of talented artists have shown some quality performances.Special applause toGeetu Mohan Das for casting many amazing talents yet again. The Limelight performance of the movie was by ‪#‎Manikandan‬; who played the Role of Balan in the movie which was a screamer.Then comes ‪#‎Vinayakan‬'s Terrific Performance with the Best of Naturality possible for his Role.‪#‎DulquerSalmaan‬ had put in a great effort to carry the Role of Krishnan and so was the output.. Splendid.

Coming to Technical side, it was top notch this time as some frames were rich though it was realistic.Madhu Neelakandan have sketched up the Retro and Modern Ernakulam beautifully. P.Balachandran; the veteran writer definitely needs to be appreciated as it was from his pen that the Story of Kammatipaadam came from and Rajiv Ravi had Excuted the Material in his Cinematic Dimension. Upto the Music By K,John.P.Varkey and Vinayakan was intriguing with the movie and some were so trippy to create a great impact visually.

Overall Kammatipaadam is Brilliant Cinematic Experience by Rajiv Ravi.People who like his past movie will mostly like it for sure and I strongly Recommend this for those who like Fine Realistic attempt in movies. And People who dont like these type of stuffs please stay out of it, Its not about Entertainment and Not Everyone's ☕ of Tea.

Vajeesh Ganesh 

Kammatipaadam Killer movie.Stellar performance from DQ,Vinayakan & Manikandan.
Brilliantly crafted and well executed by Rajeev Ravi.
Highly recommended for all movie lovers. 

Hari Kumar

‪#‎Kammatipaadam‬. It's a Typical ‪#‎RajeevRavi‬ Film.Realistic Scenes and Story Line Makes The Movie into a Variety Category. Movie is Bit Lengthy,it's 3 hrs.Screenplay was The Biggest Hero of The film,1st Half Bit Lengthy And Slow but The story line was nice.2nd Half Made The Movie into fine mood.Good Performance By Vinayakan and Dulqur,‪#‎Vinayakan‬ and A Character Name ‪#‎Balan‬ Was The Main Highlight, They Performed Really Well.Dialogues Were Too Good.Fight Scenes were very well Executed. Cinematography Was Top Class.The BackBone of The Film is BGM !! World class..nothing To Say about it.Direction By #RajeevRavi Hats off !!,He Just Nailed it.Duration was The Main Drawback of The Film. Some what Dragged the Film in The Film and Bit Slow in 2nd Half.


Little Bit Slow
Dragged in Some parts
Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

‪#‎Verdict‬ : A Perfect Rajeev Ravi Film,It's not Everyone's cup of Tea..But This Movie surely satisfies a Movie Lover.
‪#‎Rating‬ : 3.5/5

Aadhi Roy 

First off all the movie is a lengthy movoe ...about 3hr.. So ellarum nerathe theateril pokanam otherwise you'll miss the beginning. Talking about the story plot - there were many other films made on the themes based on the kochi underworld such as BIG B.. CHOTTA MUMBAI etc but these films didn't show how these goonda activity's started.. This film is based on the history of goonda gangs... The film explores how the goonda gangs begun in kochi in a paka RAJEEV RAVI sir style... Superb... Rajeev Ravi sir haven't changed his way of giving us the idea or the theme of movie in a much classical way... Those who have seen ANNAUM RASOOLUM & NJAN STEPHAN LOOPAZ will get to know it about it.
I think this movie is DULQUER SALMAAN best movie, awesome performance & plzz aarankilum VINAYAKAN Chettan oru award kodukumooo...plzz he desirves one...GANGA enna role pulli ya kondee pattuuu.. Athu poleya Chettan cheythakune...
SOUBIJ SHAHIR & SHINE TOM na kalipu role I'll kaananam enkil movie kandal mathi
OVERALL movie is a good one...superb casting. BALAN enna role cheythe chettana orurakshaum illayirunu
Warning : movie oru family entertainer aala... Violence nalla reethiyil undu 

Chalakudytime Cinemas

Just saw the filmKammatipaadam. Its a good realistic movie. Rajeev ravi again prove his ability. kammattipaadam enna place ne depend cheythe nammal ethe vare kaanatha kure characters ne undakann ee cinemakkay. Dulquer done his role well. Vinyakan kayyadikal vaarikootti. Vinayakante brother aayi act cheytha balan enna charaterum polichu. Nalla moving aaya script aane ethinte, naayika thante role nannayi thanne cheythu. 3 manikoorolam cinema unde. 2nd half il kurache lags unde. Good bgm. Oru rajeev ravi movie enna reethiyil eduthal mathrame padam eshtapedu. full realistic aayane padam eduthirikunnathe.commercial cheruvakalonnum chithrathil ella. good climax. realistic padangal eshtapedunnvarkke ee cinema nannayi enjoy cheyyam.i like it. My rating 3.2/5....

Aswin KS 

'Kammatipaadam' is a gripping action drama flick. The movie is shot in utmost real manner. Dulquer Salmaan touches another milestone of his acting career. The show stealers are Manikandan (Balan) & Vinaayakan (Ganga). They have given an award winning performance working out on both humor n serious modes which are arising from their mannerisms. I being a 'Kochite' I've seen people like this & could relate with them so well. The movie is safe in Rajeev Ravi's hands. All the others did excellent performance. A minor part is about the excessive length of the film & some parts of second half, people are watching it with few yawns. This won't disappoint you. Watch it for the wise performances & to know about people who live in places like 'Kammatipaadam' .
NB : I am a viewer NOT a reviewer.

Mithun Kv 

A movie worth experiencing. Unconventional,down to earth and brilliantly made with characters that will haunt you all the way home. Rajeev ravi and Vinayakan TK you guys stole my heart.

Manu Thankachy

Kammatipaadam. An ‪#‎Extended‬ and ‪#‎Updated‬ version of Subramaniapuram with some top notch performances by ‪#‎Manikandan‬ ( Balan Chetan Character )Vinayakan and Dulquer Salmaan...Brillaint Making ‪#‎Realistic‬ to its core. Not Everyones Cup of Tea, 3/5

Red Carpet‬

Kammatipaadam - This Rajeev Ravi flick is all about action that never disappoints you for any reason. 3.5/5 

Ajmal Roshan 

kammatipaadam kandu. adipolii pakkaa ‪#‎realistic_movie‬. kunjikkaa maranaa acting , hatsoff perfomance by ‪#‎vinayakan‬. for me its a good movie (8/10) Aaarokke endhokke paranjaalum kammatipaadathe pilleru polichuuuu

Malayalam Review

Kammatipaadam. Typical RR Movie Gud Story Direction and Screenplay Not Impressive a Lots Of Boring Scenes Dq 2.5/5 BO Chance Depends On Youth