Post the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar gained huge popularity in India. Meanwhile, a parallel wave of OTT platforms known for streaming soft erotic web series also succeeded in marking their presence felt in the nation, and one such streaming platform is Vibhu Agarwal's Ullu App. 

International Business Times presents you with the list of five new hot web series which are currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

hot web series Ullu
Screengrabs from web seriesUllu App

Kamar Ki Naap

Kamar Ki Naap falls in the much-celebrated Charmsukh franchise. The series revolves around the life of a young married woman who gets involved in a lesbian affair with a tailor. Kamar Ki Naap stars Sharanya Jeet Kaur, Aayushi Jaiswal, Virendra Raj Singh, and Anita Maurya in the lead roles. 

Games of Karma (BDSM)

BDSM is a new installment in the Games of Karma franchise. Games of Karma cannot be considered as a mere erotic show, instead, this Ullu original showcases how lives are being affected by a single action. 

"Sikander has a queer addiction of signing up young women for physical torture under their consent. Swati becomes his next object of satisfaction but her death by beating and then disappearance makes him lunatic," wrote Ullu App in BDSM's synopsis. 

Saas Bahu and NRI

Saas Bahu and NRI is perhaps the hottest web series currently streaming on Ullu App, and all credit goes to the gorgeous Rajsi Verma. The series also stars Paromita Dey and Anil Bisnoi in other crucial roles. 

The series revolves around the story of a middle-aged woman who engages in a romantic affair with her daughter-in-law. 

Yeh Kaisa Rishta Hain

Yeh Kaisa Rishta Hain is another hot web series available on the Ullu App. Starring Sharad Ghore, Rachel, and Mahi Kaur in the lead roles, this series is loaded with several intimate scenes featuring the lead actors. 

"Rachel decides to teach workout to her overweight uncle. As her uncle finds himself coming closer to his desires, his fire diminishes for the aunt. What will happen when the aunt has to leave for a family emergency leaving the two desperate souls alone in the house?," wrote Ullu on the series synopsis. 

Jaghanya (Dil Ke Armaan)

Mishti Basu has a huge fan following, and the ravishing beauty's new web series which is currently streaming on the Ullu App is Jaghanya (Dil Ke Armaan). The series revolves around the story of a young woman whose dreams get shattered after her husband along with his siblings start exploiting and tormenting her.