Lines are good —only if we know when and where to draw them. Meena Harris (niece of Kamala Harris) Tweeted an inappropriate illustration of her aunt Kamala Harris morphed as the Hindu deity Ma Durga. In the morphed picture, Kamala was seen holding the holy trident pointed towards President Donald Trump.

Ironically, this disrespectful religious blunder comes a day after there was an uproar over the mispronunciation of Kamala Harris' name. Her supporters even launched a campaign.

Kamala Harris
Kamala HarrisReuters

If a mispronunciation of her name can lead to a massive campaign, what should follow a religious misappropriation? Asked many. Following the outrage, even though Meena Harris, the niece of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee later took off the picture from her Twitter handle, but sometimes a simple delete doesn't undo things. "She posted a morphed picture of Ma Durga, would she do the same to Islam," Netizens posed the same question in different ways and while peppered with, colorfully mean words. Religion is a sensitive issue. She should have known better, said the Twitter users refusing to forgive.

The ironical timing

This happened at a time when just a few days ago, the unfortunate incident of a man chanting Allahu Akbar and beheading a teacher in France hit the headlines across the world. The crime happened over allegations of showing a caricature of Prophet Muhammad to his students.

Kamala doesn't even know about Navratri

In a tweet that has been perceived as strangely worded Harris has wished Hindu Americans, Happy Navratri along with calling it a 'holiday.' "May this holiday serve as an inspiration to all of us to lift up our communities and build a more inclusive and just America." Was this a political gimmick to woo a certain vote bank? There has to be a line drawn somewhere, many raised a brow.

Meena Harris
Meena Harris. Pic@Twitter

When Hindus were not amused

One man's religion, other one's meme? Last year, Furkan Khan, a producer at the US-based National Public Radio found herself at the receiving end of Twitter backlash after what she said, implied that if Hindus gave up Hinduism, they may be able to find a solution to their problems, with the words, "what with all the piss drinking and dung worshipping." Even though the American radio producer apologized, she later resigned from NPR.