The appearance of Kamal Haasan on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 took the housemates into the world of Viswaroopam-2. When the host- Nani announced that 'Lokanayakudu' Kamal Haasan is to make a visit to Bigg Boss Telugu 2, the housemates went bonkers over.

Kamal Haasan's entry with the back score music was a greater elevation for the Bigg Boss housemates. After unanimous salutations by the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 housemates, Kamal Haasan had a chit-chat with them. Each contestant created their own space, trying to have a conversation with the Viswaroopam star.

Kamal Hassan throws a glance from his upcoming movie Viswaroopam-2/
'Lokanayakudu' Kamal Haasan appears on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 to promote his upcoming movie Viswaroopam-2.Hotstar

Kamal had the trailer of Viswaroopam-2 played in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house. He also briefed the housemates of the other details of the movie. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had the other cast and crew enter the show too. Heroine Pooja, Music Composer Gibran, and the DOP of Viswaroopam were there at the house.

Some of the housemates were seen entertaining Kamal, with their special talents. He thoroughly enjoys the singing by Geetha Madhuri, the whistle by Amit, and rap by Roll Rida.

Kamal Haasan had given an extension card to Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestant Amit Tiwari. The extension card allows him to stay on the show without being nominated for the coming two weeks.

Kamal had an explanation, saying that he wanted to give the extension card on the basis of sympathy and respect for the one who was waiting for a break. He brings in the context, where he was given an extension card for life, by his Guru K Balachander.

Also, Kamal Haasan had a constructive message to the Bigg Boss makers and the contestants. "The audience might search only for entertainment in this show. But, I wanted to give you a piece of information. This show is a satire on the society", Kamal Haasan explained to the Bigg Boss contestants.

"From olden times, during any political prearrangements, the politicians used to create a distraction. The public is distracted by programmes like Circus, Gladiator shows, Cricket etc. Movies were born like that", Kamal tried to share.

Viswaroopam-2 team in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house
"Bigg Boss show is a satire on the society. Watch yourself", said Kamal HaasanHotstar

"So, this is not a mere game. You contestants are the representatives of the society. The audience will understand it slowly. You people carry a duty in your behavioral patterns. Because, you are sensitizing the society", the intellectual told to the housemates.

"As a political podium, I have chosen this. It is a Social, Civic duty. That is how I am treating Tamil Bigg Boss like. Watch yourself". Kamal Haasan gave a thought-provoking message to Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Babu Gogineni conveys warm wishes to Kamal Haasan, as they share a mutual ideology over the concepts of rationalism and humanism. Babu gifts Kamal Hassan a t-shirt. The housemates are left with double the energy, after Kamal Hassan's boost.

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