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The inauguration of a new app, Roudram, was attended by actor-politician Kamal Hassan on Wednesday, October 17. He was the guest of honour.

"This app will be a call for help. We should create a society where women would be safe," Hassan told India Today.

Roudram app, which was created by a student named Sudha, is a safety app for women. The app launches when the phone is shaken, presumably by an attacker and sends a text message to the person listed in the emergency contact.

During the event, Hassan said that it was the responsibility of the parents to teach their children on safety.

He also praised IPS officer Roopa, who was present on stage during the inaugural ceremony. "For those of you who don't know this brave woman, she was the one who had brought to light the details of how Sasikala was going out of prison for shopping. She had accessed the prison visuals to reveal this," Hassan added.

During the event, Hassan also said, "Speak up about the injustice you have faced, maybe there would be some eyewitness who will volunteer to support you. Raising once voice against injustice is the first way to tackle this issue."