Kamal Haasan's Vikram has emerged as the biggest box office hit in Kollywood this year. The movie has reportedly minted over Rs 300 crore at the worldwide box office.

Vikram Movie Review and Ratings
Kamal's Vikram Mints over Rs 300 crore at the box office.PR Handout

Kamal on Vikram Success
Responding to the gigantic success of Vikram, Kamal Haasan said that nobody believed him when he said that he can make films that can mint Rs 300 crore. "If everyone should progress, you need a leader who doesn't have to worry about the money. When I said that 'I can earn Rs 300 crore in a snap', nobody understood it. They thought that I was beating my chest. You can see now it's coming (Vikram box office collection)," Indian Express quoted Kamal as saying at a press meet.

Vikram is funded by Kamal Haasan's Raaj Kamal International. The multifaceted talent has now said that he will clear all the loans from the amount he earned from his latest flick.

What Will Kamal Do with Money Earned From Vikram?
"I will repay all my loans, I will eat to my heart's content and I will give whatever I can to my family and friends. After that if I don't have anything left, I will say I don't have any more to give. I don't have to pretend to help others by taking someone else's money. I don't want any grand titles. I just want to be a good human being," he said.

Vikram Movie Review
Kamal Haasan's Vikram early review.PR Handout

Released on June 3, Vikram opened to fantastic reviews from Tamil critics and audiences. The film has given a major break to Kamal Haasan.

It has minted over Rs 125 crore in Tamil Nadu, over Rs 35 crore in Kerala, Rs 25+ crore in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Rs 20 crore in Karnataka and Rs 10 crore from the rest of the country.

Lokesh Kanagraj's film has earned over Rs 105 crore from overseas with the Gulf contributing Rs 35 crore.