Prashanth Neel has come under attack from a section of netizens after the rumours of him collaborating with Telugu actor Junior NTR got stronger. In fact, a trend on Twitter has been started with the hash tag - #GetLostPrashanthNeel.

Prashanth Neel on KGF 2 Sets
Prashanth Neel on KGF 2 sets with his associates.PR Handout

Why fans are upset?
The cine-goers want him to stay in Sandalwood and make Kannada film industry proud. Even if he is working with a Telugu actor, the movie should be made in Sandalwood and not just Telugu alone, demand another section of netizens.

People cite the examples of Tamil filmmakers like Shankar and SS Rajamouli, who have made world-class movies from their respective industries. However, another section supported his decision and said that he has freedom to work where he wants.

Check out Tweets opposing and supporting his decision:

vikranth rona: money makes everything only money not life ok you understand ಜೈ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಮಾತೆ #GetLostPrashanthNeel

IronMan: #GetLostPrashanthNeel
 @ssrajamouli made Kicha Sudeep as a lead role in Eega after that Sudeep became very famous in Telugu states don't know why kannada ppl getting hurt when
 @prashanth_neel want to cast
 @tarak9999 Folded handsFolded handsFolded handsFolded hands

Chetan: #GetLostPrashanthNeel We r not asking ur DNA ,RNA, Matters and Antimatter we r asking how u respect Kannada artist and industry @prashanth_neel

Roberrt Darshan: I don't why some people are supporting bilingual with any non kannada industry actor, which results in expansion of their market in our state...
 Now i feeling like it's not so far from Telugu or tamil actor ruling Kannada industry... (1/2)
 Instead prashanth neel can use them like how he is using sanjay dutt in #KGFChapter2 and like how sudeep is used in non kannada movies... Side role/guest role would be right wordGrimacing face
 Ps: using this tag to get reach, i want him to stay

ashok reddy illuri: you can't restrict ones talent , a director knows well on how to take his path and more over you should respect @prashanth_neel for taking Kannada film industry to the next level . #GetLostPrashanthNeel @tarak9999 . Both will take TW&SW to a big note Thumbs upStar-struck

Sheshu™: If #PrashanthNeel had Directed Appu,Kiccha,DBoss there was not happening this #GetLostPrashanthNeel
 Immatured Troll Pages & Movie Portals Simply creating fights BTW 2 Film industries..

Junior NTR
Junior NTR.Twitter

Thugs of Sandalwood: @prashanth_neel we want you to work for our Industry, Please bring
 @tarak9999 o KFI and make the movie, you may dub it to Telugu just like #KGF. Or make Bilingual movie but complete shooting must happen in Kannada also.
 But stop this negative trend guysDown pointing backhand index

Kannada Movies Forum: Puttanna,BR Pantalu,Rajendra Singh Babu,Shankar Nag,Upendra & Many other Kannada Directors Directed Other language Films
 There was No Oppose at tat time
 Why Hatresness towards #PrashanthNeel ?
 Stop This

Narayana Swamy: #GetLostPrashanthNeel
 We are not anyone to judge his decision.. I feel he has tht maturity to work with whom... Plzz don't get any shitty talks abt him......
 Sir ur doing great plzzz continue

As per the rumours, Prashanth Neel will be teaming up with Junior NTR for a mega-budget project. He has already been paid an advance amount of Rs 2 crore from Mythri Movie Makers. The director had given a hint on his collaboration by wishing the Telugu actor on Twitter on the occasion of his birthday, recently.

"So....finally I know how it feels like to sit next to a nuclear time bringing my radiation suit to be around all that crazy energy @tarak9999 Happy birthday brother!!! Have a safe and great day See you soon... #HappyBirthdayNtr #stayhomestaysafe. [sic]" he wrote.

The said project will commence once he completes his ongoing film KGF: Chapter 2, which has Yash and Sanjay Dutt in the leads.