The fans of Junior NTR have given rape and death threats to actress Meera Chopra on a social media site. Without ignoring the issue, the actress has tagged the Telugu star after facing non-stop abusive messages from them.

Meera Chopra and Junior NTR
Meera Chopra and Junior NTR.PR Handout

Non-Stop Abuse
According to her, she was called a bitch and a whore for revealing that she likes Mahesh Babu's movies more than Junior NTR's films. "@tarak9999 i didnt kno that ill be called a bitch, whore and a pornstar, just bcoz i like @urstrulyMahesh more then you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And i hope u dont ignore my tweet!! [sic]" she wrote.

She posted, "Well i didnt know not being somebody's fan was a crime.. i want to say this loud to all the girls that if you are not a fan of @tarak9999, u could be raped, murdered, gangraped, ur parents could be killed as tweeted by his fans. They r totally spoiling the name of their idol."

The actress had a pleasant experience during her chat session #AskMeera till the question over favourite topic arose. Once she claimed that she likes Mahesh Babu more than Junior NTR, she was viciously attacked by the fans.

Chinmayi Extends Support
Singer Chinmayi, who is a victim of such online abuse, suggested her to file a complaint for which the actress responded, "File a case on whom?? There are thousands abusing me for liking a particular actor more." Chinamyi then posted the below tweets:

Yes. There were thousands that said the same when I said I liked a movie. Been there. Ask some of your followers to send you screenshots with meanings of the words in English, take screenshots. Draft a letter and send it to @NCWIndia and @TwitterIndia

Sadly, this work needs to be done by you. But unless people like you do it, hopefully action is taken on some people, this wont stop. The kinda abuse they do even on kids is terrible here
I personally filed a case on social media abuse with Cyber Crime Hyderabad yesterday

Even though this is traumatic, ask your followers to pick the most abusive ones or best, contact a lawyer to draft this complaint for you. Get it done ASAP. I am happy to speak to you on this on what to do, if you want to talk. I'll leave my number on DM.

The Section 375 actress then shared a screen shot of one such abusive message with the Hyderabad City Cops, while requesting Twitter to suspend the account. "This is a deleted tweet by @ntrbheem9999 . Attaching the screenshot. @hydcitypolice @CyberCrimeshyd i would like to report this person and various otjer abusive and death threatning tweets on my timeline. @twitter i request you to suspend this account! [sic]" she wrote.

Meera Chopra, a cousin of leading actress Priyanka Chopra, then thanked the people for their support, while sending out a message to the abusers that she is not afraid of their rants. She posted the tweets below:

Iam not the one to get scared of their threats. This is a social issue, not a petsonal one now. they r openly threatning, abusing and even discussing rape. His fan clubs need to ne pulled down. Thanks fr the support. Ill be in touch!

Thankyou each one of you for supporting me. Lets make this place safe for women and take down those losers who abuse and give death threats. Lets raise our voice against #womenabuse #rape #pedophilia #hooliganism.