For the longest time, various charming actresses have made their splash with break out roles, red carpet walks, speeches at award shows. We strongly look at their beauty, brain and talent. But what do we look for... is she the next Julia Roberts? The actress who has turned 53 today has set a benchmark in Hollywood. 

Julia Roberts

Roberts has been an amalgamation of everything good that Hollywood had to offer; suave, pretty, talented, brainy. non-racist, a woman with a spine, free-spirited and also the highest-paid actress. In the Hindi film industry, barring a few figures, no one dares to comment when one of their peers become victims of elitism.

'Oh that''s the way of life, deal with it'

'Oh that''s the way of life, deal with it', the expression says it all. In 2017, Julia Roberts used her power to make a point at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite being the highest-paid actress, she chose to take off her heels and walk the red carpet, as a sign of silent protest. In 2016, at the same festival, a few women were not allowed to step inside as they did not adhere to the dress code. They were wearing flats and not heels. The move was lauded by many. 

In every creative field, each time one icon makes a beautiful move others are expected to keep up. So it's no wonder that most writers, screenwriters, directors, during their composition tries to get a clone of Julia Roberts. But there will never be a 'next Julia Roberts'. This immense pressure to live up to her image is mainly faced by her niece Emma Roberts. 

"I think it's a positive thing because she's a really great actress, but yeah, sometimes it can be a little annoying," Emma Roberts had admitted in 2008.

Julia Roberts possess the ability to be steely, winsome yet lovable simultaneously. A quality we immediately sought in the next generation of Hollywood actresses. When Amy Adams rose to success after Enchanted she was thought to be the next icon. A somewhat pressure appeared on Emma Stone when she impressed all with Easy A. The most were felt in Anne Hathaway when she stole many hearts after her megawatt smile in Princess Diaries. Director Garry Marshall had called her a combination of Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland and Julia Roberts. 

Even when Julia was an apprentice she has known what it's like to be placed on a scale and checked if she possessed the qualities to be the next iconic legendary woman. Back in her days' people wondered if she could be the next Audrey Hepburn. Later the two had become quite warm towards each other. Hepburn, who was a dear friend of Roberts had asked her to accept her SAG Life Achievement Award on her behalf in 1993 when the My Fair Lady actress was too ill to attend the ceremony. 

Both the actress later lived to be known as the timeless beauties of different eras. Julia Roberts with her strong influence in the industry remained secure. She helplessly continues to be a big deal even when she makes a short appearance in a video chat.