Since the day we attained consciousness, human beings have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the phenomenon of death. According to modern medical science, death happens when the brain of a person dies, and after that, there will be nothing but the physical remains of the deceased.

However, spiritualists have a different story to tell. Citing religious textbooks, spiritualists claim that humans continue to travel in a different dimension after death, and this eternal journey is determined by God.

The mysterious experience of Jim Martin

Adding up the fuel to these unbelievable theories, a man named Jim Martin has shared his near-death experience (NDE) following a respiratory infection. Due to the respiratory infection, Martin clinically died for some time, and during these moments, he travelled through a veil of light.


Martin, in his testimonial on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation), claimed that he saw his entire life in review during those moments.

"The first thing I remember was the intense, brilliant light that was at the end of a short tunnel. The light was brighter than any that I had ever experienced but my eyes had no trouble adjusting to that bright light. I recall that my entire life's experiences passed before me, but the only detail that I recall now was seeing my cocker spaniel, Ginger. An auto had killed her several weeks before my event," wrote Martin on the NDERF website.

Is Martin's testimonial proof of an afterlife?

As the testimonial shared by Martin went viral on online spaces, several people started claiming that his near-death experience is authentic proof of life after death. However, medical experts are not convinced, as they claim that there is nothing as an afterlife, as a human life will cease after the death of the brain.

According to medical experts, a near-death experience usually happens when the human brain suffers a shortage of oxygen supply. During these times, the brain adopts a survival trick, and this is resulting in these weird visual hallucinations.